Waiting For Godot: Silence and Death - Book Report/Review Example

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Waiting for Godot In the period of the existence of human beings there is bound to be a time where all hope seems to be lost and it is during that time that people will seat in anxiousness waiting for that vital sign of hope that will bring them back to life…
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Waiting For Godot: Silence and Death
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Download file to see previous pages It is seen that the play is a depiction of the state of hopelessness that ensued especially during the Second World War was over. During the entire play the central theme of hope is portrayed in several ways, for example through Pozzo and Lucky and in other extreme cases this hope is realized in the form of death. It may actually reach a situation where things are extremely thick and the person hopes that death will catch up with him or her sooner rather than later. It is during the situations where all hope seems to be lost that the people caught up in the situation will come up with ways through which they may pass time and distract themselves from the thought of the state of affairs that they face. For the characters in the play it is actually a hard task when it comes to passing time. It is with this revelation that most of the play is actually to do with the games that may be devised with the intention of just passing time. Both Vladimir and Estragon have the strong desire to pass time and in the course of the play the question as to why they should stay together pops up. Both these two characters admit that they are indeed better off without each other. Actually they say they would have been much happier in their lives if they would not have to stay with each other. However, they find it that they are in need of each other. The reason for this is actually simple. It is for the sole reason of just passing time considering the desperate situation that they are in. both the characters are well aware of this. After Pozzo and Lucky have left Vladimir actually admits that their stay with them actually passed time. Again Vladimir tells Estragon to try out his boots since it will also help in passing time. He stresses that it would be a form of occupation for him. It has become increasingly difficult for Beckett to maintain dialogue between the two characters. What happens in this case is that at times there is prolonged silence in between their conversations. This defect is overcome by the forgetful nature of the characters in question. The two of them are very forgetful in their endeavors and for this reason they will need the other to help in the remembrance of some of the happenings that have met them. This once again forms the basis of their togetherness. They actually cannot do without each other lest one totally forgets those things that actually affect him. The fact that they are able to remind each other of certain things is especially important since no one in the play whom they have encountered ever remembers the two. Vladimir: We met yesterday. (Silence) Do you not remember? Pozzo: I don't remember having met anyone yesterday. But to-morrow I won't remember having met anyone to-day. So don't count on me to enlighten you. It is actually of importance to ask oneself why these two characters are actually suffering. The approach which they take to elaborate on their suffering is that one is born to suffer. This is through the original sin. The only way, according to them, out of this suffering is through the repentance of the sins they have committed. The issue of salvation through Jesus Christ also comes in. In this regard Vladimir recalls the events that happened when Christ was crucified. He notes that one of the thieves that were crucified alongside him was actually forgiven after he was remorseful through his repentance. They opt not to repent but instead they sit and wait for Godot to come and save them. In the course of this long ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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