The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships despite the Risks - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships despite the Risks Introduction Abusive relationships are those that involve or are characterized by inhumane actions perpetrated by one partner against the other. More often than not, women are considered as the major victims of abuse, whereby their male partners expose them to torturous experiences such as beating, denial of basic necessities, such as food and clothing, sexual exploitation and adultery, verbal abuse on the spouse and the children among others…
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The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships despite the Risks
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"The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships despite the Risks"

Download file to see previous pages It is estimated that approximately 1.5 million women in the US encounter violence from their male partners annualy. However, statistics also indicate that men are also victims of domestic violence, with 2010 reports showing that approximately 40% of domestic violence cases involved men. In addition, it has been observed that 85% of violent women are more likely to use deadly weapons such as knives, hot water, blunt objects among others on their victims as opposed to the 15% of men (Vernick 15-23). Majority of victims in violent relationships opt to divorce their partners, but there are those who opt to remain in such relationships despite the hardships. A person who has never experienced such violence may wonder why a person in his or her right mind may wish to stay in such a relationship; however, there are reasons as to why this happens. This paper is a critical evaluation of why people stay in abusive relationships. Discussion Penia notes that “In an abusive relationship, abusive language, violence, threats, sexual coercion and unfulfilled duties and promises are common” (20). ...
The deprivation of basic needs is also a common means of achieving the same ends. As a result, the victim gradually wears out physically and emotionally. With time, the victim loses body strength, fails to attentively concentrate on his or her work, suffers bouts of depression and trauma, health problems arise due to poor appetite and constant worry, and the victim loses morale. As the victim weakens, the perpetrator’s control increases and acts of aggression increase in intensity and severity. Acts of aggression are focused on the victim or the designated prey of the attack, but in other instances they may be directed towards a close relative. In both cases, domination over the victim is the key objective of the perpetrator. One such example of indirect domestic abuse is verbal insults and dehumanizing treatment directed towards the victim’s close relative. Abusive relationships do not discriminate. This is to mean that they don’t have demographic boundaries or preferences. Volpe indicates that “For one, gay individuals are at the same risk of aggressive relationships and abuse as are heterosexual couples” (8). Therefore, abusive relationships have the same prevalence of occurrence within different races, economic standing, societal status, degree of literacy, and so forth. Women are considered as the weaker sex and hence are more susceptible to victimization than men. However, cases of male victims are also common, especially in verbal and emotional abuse. Psychologists indicate that the emotional abuse that results from abusive relationships is as damaging and detrimental to the victim as the physical abuse. Effects of the emotional abuse have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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