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Literature Review: Domestic Violence on Women Introduction Domestic violence against women is not a new phenomenon. It is prevalent almost every community and society. For many cultures, domestic violence against women is a routine practice and has become a part of them…
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Literature Review: Domestic Violence on Women
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Download file to see previous pages Some experts contend that culture and cultural practices do not work against gender based discrimination or subjugation but they totally directly or indirectly support such practices. Some contend this notion that home based violence negatively influences everyone is equivalent not only to a mere superficial endeavour with an aim of including distinct approaches but also a clear manifestation representing a complex approach. In the following part of this literature review part, firstly, violence against women has been defined and UK-based incidents of violence have also been mentioned. Secondly, a critical analysis of theories pertaining to women battering along with evaluation of traditional definitions of woman battering has been described. Thirdly, a critical analysis of gender inequality primacy has also been accounted for. Before summary part, gaps and suggestions have been included after the part consisting of tensions between culture and gender. Definition The UN defines “Any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering or harm to women, including threats of such acts, coercion, arbitrary, deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in the public or in private life” (United Nations, 1993). ...
Although broad in its scope and application, this definition demystifies violence as acts causing or having potential to cause harm or suffering and considerably stipulates that such acts of violence are deeply rooted in sex inequality. Theories and Perspectives: inquiring into globalized female violence A conventional view to home based violence has emphasised on general incidents revealing victim females in support of forgoing consistent feminist movement for eliminating violence on females (Sokoloff and Dupont, 2005). But, the current strategy has considerably been criticized by the subject experts who comprehend and acknowledge necessity emphasizing and extending strong support to female victims subjugated by the white community (Russo, 2002). In this regard, Kanuha (1996) has questioned the implementation of generalizations pertaining to females. A notion elaborating that events of domestic violence directly or indirectly put their impact over every person, across the communities is tantamount to a mere superficial endeavour with an aim of including a wide ranging aspects but also a clear evidence of sloppy theory building and research as well. Kanuha (1996) further continues and says that the perception representing home based violence influence almost all members of society minimizes together with way we contemplate wide spread presence of violence against the victims and the dimensions underlying a wide range of incidents pertaining to female exploitation and violence. However, Richie (2000) disagrees with the perception of global risk and contends that females of colour remain mostly possibly be in perilous social position including conditions and in intimate relationships. Moreover, antiviolence movement’s avoidance of race ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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