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The impact of domestic violence on mental health Introduction “Domestic violence is a traumatic experience faced primarily by women all over the world” (Orkide, 2011, p. 697). “There are 16,800 homicides and $2.2 million (medically treated) injuries due to intimate partner violence annually, which costs $37 billion to America…
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The impact of Domestic Violence on Mental health
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Download file to see previous pages Most of the domestic violence cases occur in between the husbands and wives or partners who are staying together. Moreover, plenty of domestic violence cases finally end up in a divorce. In most of the domestic violence cases, the victim and others in the family experience psychological trauma or mental health problems. This paper analyses the impact of domestic violence on mental health. Psychological impact of domestic violence on women “A survey of the large cities by the US conference of mayors found that domestic violence was the primary cause of homelessness among women” (Roberts, 2002, p.16). In most of the domestic violence cases, the victim would be the woman or the wife. Since the males are physically and mentally stronger than females, females may experience physical as well as mental torture quite frequently from the males in the family. Tortured women face isolation in the family and might leave the family. In some cases, the culprit or the husband accuses wife for illegal relationships. A suspicious husband may develop doubts about all the activities of his wife. It is difficult for women victims to stay together with doubtful husbands. “Guilt is usually more important than anger because guilt contributes directly to shame and low self-esteem” (McCaig et al, 2004, p.24). ...
This allows the abuse to continue until the victim becomes brave enough to speak up and get help” (Martin, 2007, p.1). Only physically and mentally stronger victim would overcome such situations. It should be noted that socializing is necessary for all humans to keep their mental strength intact. Social isolation may create depression and anxiety like psychological diseases. “The most significant predictors of domestic violence re-offense were offender drunkenness and women’s perceptions of safety” (Ireland et al., 2008, p.52). Women in families have the feeling that they are secure since their husbands are caring and protecting them. In families with domestic violence, women lose such feelings. They may develop insecurity feeling all the time. It is impossible for them to predict how their husbands may act under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It should be noted that plenty alcoholism and drug use are some of the major causes of domestic violence. Under the influence of these substances, husbands may act violently. In short, insecurity and concerns about future may create mental trauma in the minds of women suffering from domestic violence. Forced sex is another reason for domestic violence. Forced sex often creates displeasure in the minds of the victim. In a troubled family, women often show reluctance in sexual activities. They may act passively like an instrument when their husbands compel them for sexual activities. It should be noted that a pleasant family atmosphere is necessary for the partners to enjoy sex activities properly. Forced sex often brings more displeasure rather the pleasure. In short, domestic violence may cause sexual displeasure and subsequent mental problems. Psychological impact of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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