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Global Domestic Violence - Research Paper Example

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Domestic Violence in Children Domestic violence is often referred to as family violence. It includes verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. A mounting body of literature reveals that children who witness persistent acts of domestic violence have greater behavioral and emotional problems than other children…
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Global Domestic Violence
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"Global Domestic Violence"

Download file to see previous pages Other may blame themselves or act out the aggression they have observed. Majority of the children living under abuse are immensely stressed. This paper seeks to contribute literature regarding what can be the impact of domestic violence on children. Eileen, Bratel, and Breckenridge, (2006), stated that domestic violence is a social problem, having its roots globally. It occurs when one of the family member, usually a mother, or a father attempts emotional, sexual, or physical abuse. This member dominates other family members psychologically and creates an environment of fear. Generally, the children being abused experience some physical or emotional disability. Special concerns are given to such children in Australia. When a child having disability is being abused, social workers instantly consider the matter and try to resolve that (Eileen, Bratel, and Breckenridge, 2006). The study of Brinamen, Taranta, and Johnston, (2012), stated that number of adolescents exposed to homelessness and child domestic abuse is increasing day-by-day. The impact of domestic abuse on children is reflected into the problems of society. The authors have mentioned some tips for teaching the guardians or caregivers about physical and mental abuse. This study states that teaching caregivers about domestic abuse can be very productive. In a large number of cases of domestic violence, the appreciation of family lacks and in worst case, the survival becomes difficult. One of the biggest reasons due to which children get hurt every minute and every day is tolerance. Adults usually believe that children have the ability to take right decision at all times, however in many cases they learn how children do not have the capacity to take right decision and how they need to be forbearing (Brinamen, Taranta, and Johnston, 2012). Cooley, (2009), was a renowned American sociologist. He was the first sociologist to put forward the notion of Primary Groups. Primary groups refer to as immediate family and friends. Cooley proposes how primary groups are impacted by the ways of your thinking, beliefs, morals, sentiments, and ideas. Cooley believed that this is fundamental for the upbringing of any person. With primary group, a person shares more close and intimate relationship. In contrast, the author also teaches regarding Secondary Group. Secondary group is the one with which person interacts on a more reserve and less personal level. With secondary group, a person mainly shares same activities and interest. A vital difference between secondary and primary group is the fact that a person does not have the option of choosing primary group and is born into it while when it comes to secondary group, a person deliberately chooses secondary group. Primary and secondary group of every personal affects the values, moral, and beliefs but are influenced by society as well. Cooley, (2009), states that every problem is at individual level first and later becomes the problem of overall society. Here, the author gives the example of domestic violence. Generally, a person who suffers from mentally or physically abused traumas, first suffers at individual level and later on becomes collective problem. The victims tend to be emotionally unstable or aggressive; therefore, we need to find ways to lessen this problem (Cooley, 2009). Study of Devaney, (2013), states that domestic violence is not a social problem only in underdeveloped countries, but even in developed countrie ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Domestic Violence Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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