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Implement qualitative approaches to the dissertation - Coursework Example

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Chapter one of the dissertations shall constitute the background information of the research, the problem statement, the research questions and objectives, the…
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Implement qualitative approaches to the dissertation
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"Implement qualitative approaches to the dissertation"

Download file to see previous pages for the research, the methods of data collection, the target population, research reliability and validity of instruments and sampling techniques and the other data analysis methods. Chapter four of the dissertation shall purpose to present in detail the discussions, thematic analysis and findings of the study. The last chapter of the dissertation shall comprise a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations made thereof. The recommendations for further related research shall also be made.
The researcher will develop a background to the research that will enable the readers understand the need and justification for the prevailing social problem that calls for research. The scene of the study shall be set in this part of the introduction into the research. The trend of domestic violence among the US populations shall be particularly stated in this section. Below is an introductory paragraph to the background information.
Domestic violence is an intentionally learned behaviour that is designed to achieve control and power over another. Domestic violence was brought into the public sphere in the United States in the 1960s and 70s by the Battered Women’s Movement and Feminist movements (Finley, 2013). Activists in these movements aimed at bringing a public attention to the violence against women and children that was on the rise at the time. In the last three decades, the federal government has initiated programmes and initiatives that are aimed at reducing domestic violence and providing socio-economic support to the victims. The Violence against Women Act was signed in the United States in 1994. Importantly, the Act set the Office of Violence against Women in the Department of Justice of the United States and set forth the policy of the federal government towards domestic violence. However, the Act was sanctioned in 2000 and 2005 and later received another authorization in 2011 (Finley, 2013). Women of all demographics are vulnerable to domestic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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