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I don't have a topic it just needs to not be ethical, moral or religious in answering a policy question - Research Paper Example

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Civil law, for example, protects people from assault and battery and effective legal system would ensure managed reported cases. Violence however…
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I dont have a topic it just needs to not be ethical, moral or religious in answering a policy question
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"I don't have a topic it just needs to not be ethical, moral or religious in answering a policy question"

Download file to see previous pages Many states in the United States, for example, are enacting laws that require corporate organizations to accommodate needs of domestic violence victims through granting leave (Martin, 2013). Understanding the root cause of domestic violence, and other forms of violence, may however inform the legal approach to the problem. Protecting children from witnessing instances of domestic violence, according to O’Brien, Cohen, Pooley, and Taylor, reduces possibility of the children’s engagement in domestic violence during their later stages of life (2012). This is consistent with Cycle of Violence theory that explains transfer of domestic violence traits from parents or other people in an environment to children and suggests that laws on domestic violence more stringent may be a long-term solution to the domestic violence problem (Gonzalez and Corbin, 2011).
Domestic violence is a significant social problem whose implications extend to financial scopes. Its psychological and physical effects on victims reduce their potentials that even force them out of employment to grant them legal leave from duty. While a legal approach has failed to reduce incidences of domestic violence in the society, despite its perceived able framework, protecting new generations from experiencing or witnessing domestic violence may be a long-term solution to the problem because of its hypothesized ability to reduce aggression in the new generation (Martin, 2013; Gonzalez and Corbin, 2011). The study is significant in understanding significance of violence experience during childhood and the long-term cause of domestic violence in the society. Its results will determine the significance and establish a basis for legal policies that can address the problem. Establishing significance of children’s exposure to domestic violence will mean that strict laws, implemented over a generation, are necessary for a long-term solution to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I don'T Have a Topic It Just Needs to Not Be Ethical, Moral or Research Paper.
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