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Criminal Law on the Side of Domestic Abuse Victims - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Criminal Law on the Side of Domestic Abuse Victims” reports that more victims of domestic violence do not consider it shameful to seek the help of law enforcement agencies. The officials developed a clearer definition of the types of domestic violence and countermeasures against it.
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Criminal Law on the Side of Domestic Abuse Victims
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Extract of sample "Criminal Law on the Side of Domestic Abuse Victims"

Download file to see previous pages Domestic violence characteristically includes acts of physical and mental cruelty progressing from a slap or shove, to a punch or kick, and to the more extreme manifestations of violence, in suffocation, strangulation, attempted murder, and murder. The prefix ‘domestic’ serves to neutralize the full horror, viciousness, and habituation of the violence. Thus domestic violence is not defined simply by physical acts of hitting, slapping or punching in a relationship, but also by the use of a variety of tactics, including physical assault, by one intimate with the goal of gaining power and control over one’s partner.
The behavior that is commonly called domestic violence can take on the variety of different aspects. It can be physical assault, sexual abuse, threats of either, or psychological abuse. It usually continues for years before the victims take action (if they - do) and, on some occasions, it results in the death of either the victim or the perpetrator.
It is not confined to any one socio-economic group nor can it be said that it is caused by any one factor. Furthermore, its practice is extensive. It is necessary to look at some of the manifestations of violence within what should be a loving relationship to fully understand the horror to which victims are subjected and the need for adequate protection to be provided by both the civil and the criminal justice systems. Domestic violence is conceived of primarily as a problem of men’s abuse oа women. Although researchers have documented abuse within same-sex relationships and although there is evidence that, in a comparatively small number of cases, women ab men, the available research suggests that domestic violence is overwhelmingly directed by men against women. The prior relationship between victims and defendants is most apparent in crimes against women. Men are more likely than women to experience violent victimization. But the nature of these events differs greatly. Women are about six times more likely than men to experience violence committed by an intimate. The prior relationship between victim and offender causes particular problems for law enforcement officials in the area of domestic violence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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