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The Victims Of Domestic Violence Feelings - Essay Example

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The impact and consequences of domestic violence in the society cannot be overemphasized. Both men and women experience abuses in their respective partnerships yet it is difficult to talk about males as victims. This paper investigates the reasons of such problem…
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The Victims Of Domestic Violence Feelings
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Extract of sample "The Victims Of Domestic Violence Feelings"

Download file to see previous pages The feminist cultures progressively and constantly defend the women against critical issues including domestic violence. The belief that women can cause violent activities is relegated and quashed because it is believed that they are the victims. The defense of the women of the society makes it difficult to speak about men being victims of domestic violence. The portrays women as non-perpetrators of family violence. Most resources are often directed to the perceived victims who are the women. The narrative of men being victims is never discussed, and neither are resources allocated to create awareness concerning the challenges facing men in various partnerships.  The inconsistencies that are manifest in dealing with domestic violence makes it difficult to voice the violent propensities that males experience. The recognition of a problem commences if the society acknowledges a crisis and works towards resolving it appropriately. Violence against men in heterosexual or same-sex relationships is prevalent in several jurisdictions yet the stakeholders are not keen to improve on the situation. Men find it difficult to share their issues because they believe the society does not recognize domestic violence against them and minimizes its proliferation. The degree or measure of violence in a relationship cannot be underestimated or tolerated because of gender socialization.  It is difficult to talk about males as victims of domestic violence because of stigmatization.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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