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Food groups and meals - Essay Example

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The focus in this paper is on groups of living things, food and eating that is characterized by the aspect of sharing, whereby, human beings often gather together as a family at mealtimes, while animals share feeding grounds in their livelihood. Thus, food is symbolic for issues of security, love and reality…
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Food groups and meals
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that just as, a car would require some fuel for its engine to run, we also need food to have the energy to attend to daily activities. Food consumption can be done easily, ranging from light to heavy meals, but the bodily demands in terms of food are not similar. For instance, elite athletes would need foods that provide more energy and are body building, as opposed to children and infants, who will require foods which are more protective and body building. At the same time, the amount of food consumption per individual has always varied depending on the body size and the daily tasks that the persons do. The concern for such issues surrounding food and eating has triggered the need of studying nutrition. Nutritionists have done researches on the contents of foods and have come up with frameworks recommended diets for people of different calibres. For instance, the nutritionists of the present time have divided food stuffs into four distinct categories, which include meat products, dairy products, grains and vegetables. These food groups have guided the meals consumed by many people across the globe in the present times, as nutritionists have established their consultancy services all over the world, with an aim of advising eating habits. More so, different procedures and recipes that are considered best have been suggested by different professionals for purposes of realising healthy eating among people. Sadly, a newer poverty is surfacing up amongst households, whereby the guardians have inadequate information necessary for ensuring that their families are subjected to healthy eating, as per the provisions of nutritionists. Most critically have been cases of diseases resulting from nutrition issues such as diabetes and kwashiorkor among the major diseases. However, the emergence of such nutritional diseases has only called for more consultations from the nutritionists. As an example, the modern hospitals have nutritionist practitioners, who are in charge of advising patients and other people having nutritional complications, on the best ways of consuming food. Food Preparation Journalists have often termed the past ten years as ‘British food renaissance’, with regard to the transformation of the British attitude, by the radical shift in eating habits. The rapid advancement in technology has been the backbone of this radical shift, given that people have been employing diverse aspects of technology in addressing issues that surround food and eating (Winson, 2010, 592). Critically, the precedent decade has seen the availability of ready meals (canned and processed foods) in self service stores such as supermarkets, and many people have 'therefore' tended to skip the step of food preparation, by opting for the ready made food products. These foods make use of food preservation technology, which has a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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