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Cultural Variations in Comfort Foods - Dissertation Example

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This research “Cultural Variations in Comfort Foods” is based on an analysis of comfort foods and the existence of such foods within different cultural contexts. The methodology of the study is based on qualitative analysis of questionnaires along with the use of academic journal articles…
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Cultural Variations in Comfort Foods
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Extract of sample "Cultural Variations in Comfort Foods"

Download file to see previous pages Locher et al (2005) use symbolic, interactionist and structuralist perspectives to show the method of the social construction of some foods categorized as comfort foods and emphasize the need to include social and physiological dimensions of comfort foods within cultural perspectives (Locher et al, 2005). The concept of comfort foods could, however, be more complex and may not be just based on cultural dimensions or how different cultures react to the philosophy of comfort foods and eating for comfort.  It can be conceptualized that even if a culture is not openly aware of this theory it still portrays characteristics of rationalizing food as a comfort or as a physiological process. There are four key areas to this idea and these are a psychological impact, physiological effect, age and gender considerations, and the region or cultural identity of the society.  These four areas all have a part to play in the way comfort food is interpreted in various cultural societies. Therefore, although cultural identity does play an essential part in the wide scheme of things, there are innumerable other reasons why this complexity associated with food exists (Wansink, et al 2003, p.739). Comfort eating can be understood as something rather symbolic to an individual, such as the feelings it evokes or memories that are expressed by the mere association with certain foods (Wansink, et al, 2003, p.739).  This would have to do with the psychological processes it presents.  Some specific foods promote a pleasurable experience for those who are fixated on them, which although, is a psychological effect, can be derivative of the individualistic trait in a society.  In this regard, different cultures can be drawn to various food choices simply by how they make a person feel when they are suggested.  A society does not have to be entirely individualistic or collectivist to have this type of reaction to food either (Wansink, et al 2003. p.739).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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