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Use of Drug among young people - Essay Example

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The study shows that the use of marijuana is particularly high among teenage population of America. Teenagers between 12 years and 17 years of age had been most widely using drugs since 1992. Often young people turn to drugs as a means of coping up…
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Use of Drug among young people
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the young generation gets addicted to drugs in an attempt to socialize with other youngsters. The addiction from drug like heroin is the hardest addiction to break. Drugs affect almost every part of the body from the brain, lungs, eyes, voice box, muscles, reproductory system, digestive system and the immune system. Drugs can change the brain chemistry and so withdrawal becomes a harshest side - effect. Some lethal drugs can also cause death among young people. The overdose of drugs can lead to mental illness and even heart failure. Apart from this, the cognitive ability of the drug user can also be impaired and he can turn less productive in life. According to “Recurrent drug use may result in failure to fulfill major role obligation at school or home”. People who are under drug addiction are lazy, fatigue and poor performers. They can also be violent and end up in fights and gang violence. Drugs can also lead to social and interpersonal problems and acting inappropriate in from of others. It can lead to legal problems, social problems, and dangerous actions and decreased energy level in a person. Drug addict can even progress to an excessive alcohol drinker in the future. He may even have a tendency to steal in order to obtain drugs which are normally expensive substance. Teenagers in their age are supposed to spend time on leisure and recreational activities which are healthy for their mind and body. But a drug addict will only spend his time in acquiring drug and using it.

Prevention of drug abuse among youth A substantial amount of money and effort is expended on youth drug abuse prevention for youth in the United States. Despite this attention, recent findings indicate that young people’s negative attitude towards drug use is lessening, and there had been an increase in the use of illicit drugs among youth in past few years. From a social and public health perspective, it is important to monitor the trend and pattern of drug use among youth because drug use have been linked with numerous problems including delinquency, family dysfunction, poor academic achievements, truancy and school drop outs. For many youth drug use is a part of syndrome of unconventional behavior that involves marijuana use, early sexual activity, drinking, and risk taking. It is essential to monitor health risk behavior among youth, including the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. One of the approaches is the family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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