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Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women - Coursework Example

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The paper "Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women " highlights that the researchers have strived to explore different aspects of personal and social lives of the drug addicts. All the researches conducted by different researchers show different outcomes of illegal drug addiction…
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Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women
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Extract of sample "Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women"

Download file to see previous pages The study investigates divergent sociological views by making a comparison of these researches and concludes that sensational pleasures, domestic turmoil and biological characteristics play a dominant role in women’s involvement in illegal drug addiction.
Illegal drugs refer to the drugs consumption and trading of which is strictly prohibited according to the prevailing statutes of law. Excessive trade and trafficking of illegal drugs have accelerated their application among adults, minors and women, which have, consequently, brought critical health problems for the consumers in their wake. There was a time when drug addiction was considered to be a masculine activity only, and women had no concern with drug usage. With the passage of time, it has become crystal clear that illegal drug addiction is also common among womenfolk, the percentage of which is in a constant increase all over the globe. Mubeen & Sharif (2007) have conducted comprehensive research on the causes and consequences of illegal drug addiction among women and presented the facts and figures related to the subject under study. Since they concentrated on women for their study, the individuals belonging to female gender were the unit of their analysis during the research process.
They selected fifty respondents belonging to the age group between 25 to 35 years through random sampling. The researchers gave the illustration from a historical perspective and analysed that opium had been the most popular illegal drug used to be cultivated in their region even before the partition of their motherland. Mubeen & Sharif viewed the very fact that the use of opium, hash and heroin were common illegal drugs applied by the women in their area. But banishment on its cultivation enhanced its illegal trafficking and it has become difficult to keep a check over access to it. “Although the ban closed down legal outlets for drugs, illegal availability and sale continued. (Mubeen & Sharif, 2007: p 3) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women Coursework.
(Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women Coursework)
Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women Coursework.
“Causes of Illegal Drugs Consumption Among Women Coursework”.
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