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Woman Drug Users - Essay Example

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Primarily, study attempts to identify the psychological and socio-demographic profile of women involved in illicit drugs, which includes female consumers and dealers…
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Woman Drug Users
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Extract of sample "Woman Drug Users"

Download file to see previous pages Initially, Bucur (2010) suggests that unemployment and strained family relationships may have caused women to get involved in illicit drugs, either as consumers, dealers or both (p. 103). Relatively, Bucur’s study seeks to address two main questions: “What are the identifiable characteristics of female drug users and dealers?” and “What laws were passed concerning drug-related offenses?” Previous research concerning drug abuse among women suggests that education, employment, socio-demographic status, and outlook in life are significant determinants in influencing people to use illicit drugs (Bucur, 2010, p. 102). Specifically, both poverty and wealth affect the disposition of women. For instance, drug dealership promises a fast and sweat-free to attain large amount of money while consumption helps in forgetting stress and worries. As for the wealthy, drug consumption is just another luxury. Those information were found in recently published articles and legal papers about drugs and drug-related convictions, and those were attained through database research. The current study also found out that existing literatures concerning the topic commonly used quantitative research methods wherein the researchers conducted interviews and surveys with convicted, female drug consumers and dealers.
To address the topic efficiently, Bucur’s research design includes both qualitative and quantitative research methods. In the qualitative research method, Bucur conducts studies on related literatures, which include legal papers and recently published scholarly articles. This method provides the initial background on drug use, particularly on the factors influencing the motivations of drug consumers. In the quantitative methods, Bucur conducts surveys and interviews with female inmates in selected penitentiaries in urban areas. Through the surveys, Bucur recorded the socio-demographic profile of female drug users and dealers while through the guided interviews, Bucur gathered insights on their motivations of drug abuse. Those data were plotted in graphs and diagrams illustrating the shared traits among the respondents, age, educational attainment, economic status, and kinds of drugs used. Through those graphs and diagrams, Bucur analyzed the interrelationships between the educational attainment and economic status of the respondents and their motivations and age. In analyzing the results of interviews and surveys, Bucur found out that the majority of female drug dealers and consumers reside in urban areas and this finding agrees with previously recorded ANA reports. In analyzing the socio-demographic profile of the respondents, Bucur found out that 51% of the respondents are single while 39% are married and have left their families. As for educational attainment, 85% of the respondents attain average, or above average education while in Romania, respondents are found to have low educational attainment (Bucur, 2010, p. 103). Bucur also asserts that drug dealers are, most likely, consumers, as well, considering that drugs come as a compensation for dealing it to others, which also satisfies the addiction of dealers. In the backdrop of the study, Bucur also investigates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Woman Drug Users Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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