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Drug Use, Regulation, and the Law - Essay Example

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The psychoactive experience produced by marijuana is likely to open ways and motives for its users to other illicit and harmful drugs…
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Drug Use, Regulation, and the Law
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Download file to see previous pages These considerations of the hypothesis include sequencing, association, and causation. In reference to sequencing, research indicates that marijuana is one of the soft drugs that is narcotic and easily leads to a sequence in an individual who progresses on to associate the sequence of marijuana to another a drug for more pleasure. The use of marijuana has controversial opinions on its addictiveness. However, it remains clear that continued use of marijuana leads to the desire of the user to associate it with other illicit drugs. The continued use of the drug (marijuana) is what the gateway hypothesis considers as sequencing. Remarkably, the use of cannabis is associated with the use of other illicit drugs as well as the vulnerability of the marijuana to use a wider variety of illicit drugs, a consideration that the gateway hypothesis refers to as association. Association is closely related to the age of the individual with most research showing that the use of marijuana Leads most teenagers to use other diversified drugs. Sequencing and association of marijuana leads to the causation because of the probability that individual using marijuana will have a certain random progression that can be analyzed as sequential pattern towards the use of other stronger drug of the same group and stronger such as heroin and cocaine. Given the pattern that most individuals who take marijuana have, it is clear that it is “gate opener” to other drugs such as heroin.
Court rulings have portrayed controversial issues on law enforcement profiling whereby drug suspects are based on ethnicity, racial and specific characteristics that an individual of target dug courier may have according to the profiles stipulated by the police. Consequently, this prompted the U.S Supreme Court to launch an investigation on the profile of drug courier. The cases that the supreme court of U.S ordered indicated that the police and other law enforcers fail to apprehend the drug courier and ends p arresting innocent citizens who portray any characteristics of the Drug courier profile. However, apart from the profile listing the characteristics portrayed by drug traffickers, the Supreme Court strictly defined restrictions in other decisions while safeguarding some verdicts emerging from the drug-courier profile. One of the most significant examples of criticism on the law is when a drug agent stopped a woman known as Mendenhall at an airport claiming that she fitted the characteristics and behaviors of the drug-courier profile. Coincidentally, the search on the woman indicated that she was a drug courier (Mcgarrell and Hutchens, 2001). Surprisingly, the court ruled in favor of the agent that it was not a violation of the Fourth-amendment protection from unreasonable search. Controversially, the same court in favor of Reid who was confiscated at the airport of Georgia with allegations that he matched the drug courier profile. The court ruled that the federal agent had violated Reid’s Fourth amendment requirement of a reasonable search and drug suspicion bases. This court statistic indicates that the law does not have a clear stipulation of drug courier a profiling. Additionally, statistics an airport stops concerning drug courier profile have indicated that most suspected drug couriers are African-Americans who are stopped in various airports in a disproportional manner. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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