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Specific Prevention Plan - Essay Example

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The utilization of drugs and alcohol by young people brings a lot of risks to personal, academic, health, relationships, safety and the risks of drug and alcohol addiction. One of the most vital risks is the connection between drugs, alcohol and crime. It is often significant…
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Specific Prevention Plan
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Download file to see previous pages lcohol and drug defined offenses are violation of laws that regulates or prohibit the possession, distribution, use or manufacture of illegal drugs or alcohol. Examples entails the possession or use of drug or alcohol as well as the production, cultivation, distribution or sales of drugs that are termed illegal including provision of alcohol among the underage children.
Alcohol and drug-related offenses entails the violation of laws as a result of an individual being under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as the trying to get cash in order to pay for drugs or alcohol. It includes crimes that often result from the consumption of drugs and alcohol, violence against rival drug dealing as well as stealing to get money in order to purchase and use drugs or alcohol. Finally, the alcohol and drug using lifestyles entails violation of laws as a consequence of living a lifestyle where an individual may not have income or a job and thereby is exposed to individuals or situations that encourage crime (Sanders, 2010).
Research conducted by the national survey on drug abuse that is currently known as the national survey on health and drug use indicates that some children are already abusing drugs at the age of twelve to thirteen years meaning that abuse of alcohol and drugs begins even more earlier in life. Early abuse of drugs includes substances such as alcohol, inhalants, tobacco, marijuana and prescription drugs such as anti-anxiety and sleeping pills. Research has also indicated that drug abuse in late childhood and earlier adolescence is often related to greater drug involvement. Researchers have proposed various explanation of why people become involved with alcohol and drugs which then escalate to abuse. One of the explanations has pointed out to family history of alcohol and drug use (Slawson & Kopacz, 2010).
The prevention plan will target the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse in communities, schools and other social places that brings many young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Specific Prevention Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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