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Paper on Drugs in Media - The Wall - Essay Example

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Socio-cultural cosmopolitanism, identity crisis and psychological alienation are perhaps the most important reasons that have encouraged the habit of drug abuse among the modern young generation. If we carefully analyze the gradual process of social transformation, we will see…
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Paper on Drugs in Media - The Wall
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Download file to see previous pages Death, bloodshed, loss of mutual trust and frailty of life plagued human existence to such an extent that common people developed an escapist approach from their human existence. Compared to the adults, sensitive minds of young generation were affected to a greater extent. On one hand they wised to enjoy a healthy and jovial social life but their hopes and aspirations were repeatedly obstructed by utilitarian approach of the modern society. Finally, in search of their dreams and aspirations, which were strictly forbidden by the society, they chose to take refuge amidst nihilistic world of drugs.
Apart from several socio-political aspects, increasing rate of drug abuse has been one of the most primary concerns for the late 20th and early 21st century world. Though backdrop of the entire situation was prepared since end of the Second World War, Western social discourse witnessed devastating effect of drug abuse since 1980s onwards. At the same time, technological empowerment provided extra boost to media when it came to highlighting the evil effects of drug over young generation. Films, televisions broadcasting, advertisements, literature, painting – almost all forms of Art provided considerable amount of focus over the habit of drug abuse among young people. Governance of various Western nations also expressed their concern over such self-destructive obsession. They also came up with several types of administrative policies to control the habit of drug abuse among young people but in reality, none of those steps proved to be effective. Main reason behind such failure was that the policies, though were aimed at restraining youths from being addicted to drugs, were focused over solving the problem superficially, whereas root of the problem went deeper into the core of Western social existence. The Wall, a famous British musical film, has pondered over the essential issues that have played the most important part in orienting post modern youth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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