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Drugs among youth - Essay Example

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Addiction to drugs among youth is a serious issue commonly faced by the developed and the underdeveloped countries. …
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Drugs among youth
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Extract of sample "Drugs among youth"

Download file to see previous pages This research will explore the factors responsible for driving young people into the habit of drug consumption and their perceptions about drugs’ effects on their life and their association with drugs. Identification of these factors is the first and the foremost step in the process of eradication of drugs from the society and discouraging the young people from consuming drugs. Research Questions Some of the research questions would be: When did you start taking drugs? Please tell me about your family structure and your relationship with family members? Does someone in your family take these drugs? What environmental factors encourage you to take drugs? What is the most common factor that drives young people into the habit of taking drugs? Do you contemplate leaving drugs in the future? If so, how soon? Do you think drugs are dangerous for your health? Has your attitude toward drugs changed since you have started consuming them? Have you faced any resistance from somewhere for drug consumption? Parties Involved in the Research Project This research project would be executed with team effort. The team would comprise me, my advisor, one of my peers to facilitate me with the data collection, and another peer with good writing and editing skills. I would do the literature review, design research methodology, and analyze the data. The fundamental aim of the research is to identify the most important and common factors that are responsible for the rise of drug consumption among the young people. Knowledge created by this research would be very useful to the drug-control agencies, the society in general, and the parents and relatives of the vulnerable youth in particular. Research Theory The consumption of drugs among youth can be prevented on the basis of a technique structured around the cognitive dissonance theory that tends to establish attitudes and beliefs by proposing verbal inoculations. This prevention technique can be used to help youth abstain from drug consumption that might be in conflict with a goal that is more desirable. Adolescence in the concept of development is a period in which people may be confused about their roles while their identities are emerging. The prevention efforts based on this approach assist young people with the development of positive identities through achievement in their community roles, as athletes or as students. Possible Research Methods The research methods that can be utilized for this research primarily include survey and interviews. Since the reasons for drug consumption vary from one person to another, it is better to provide the research respondents with full opportunity to express themselves with the use of interviews and use them as primary sources (Booth, Colomb and Williams 81). Besides, since this topic is integrally related to sociology, use of interviews is also recommendable for this research because qualitative research remains very effective convenient and useful while studying sociological issues. Research Participants The respondents will be high school students on drugs of any kind. The students would be given a questionnaire to find out their gender, age, how many of them use drugs, what kinds of drugs they take, and how long have they been taking them. Questionnaires with responses showing drug users would be sorted out and the respondents would be approached for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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