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The Global State of Effect of Drugs among Youth - Research Paper Example

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 This paper discusses the global state of the effect of drugs among youth. The paper considers the political and social effects on the global community and explores solutions to these issues. Drug use increases the chance that students will become pregnant, contract a communicable disease…
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The Global State of Effect of Drugs among Youth
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Download file to see previous pages Experimenting with drugs causes many adverse effects especially in the case of developing youths. Of all drugs, alcohol is most widely used by both adults and youths but illegal drugs are consumed by a sizeable number of persons as well who emanate from all social circumstances. The frequency of alcohol and drug use amongst young persons for social, recreational and experimental reasons is extensive and continues to escalate. Heightened propensities toward violent behaviors have also been linked to drug use but unlike the other negative outcomes, this may be a falsity. Drug use increases the chance that students will become pregnant, contract a communicable disease, perform poorly in school and attempt suicide as this discussion will examine. It will also consider the political and social effects on the global community and explore solutions to these issues.
Parents spend much time and effort protecting their children from all of the ills of the world. When they become of age, they send those children to school properly clothed with lunch money and a kiss on the forehead with hopes they will become educated thus productive, enlightened citizens. Ironically, however, schools are havens for illegal drugs available for the asking. Parents and teachers seem oblivious and are evidently powerless to control this disturbing situation. No one can deny that using illegal drugs can cause adverse effects to the user of any age but the effects to the teenager are especially damaging. Teenagers are in a much more vulnerable situation than are adults as they are still developing in every aspect of life. Unfortunately, it remains this group that has the most access to drugs as schools have become prolific drug outlets.
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