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Identity Crisis of Jews and Muslim Minority and Identity - Essay Example

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Identity is not just a simple word. It has severe repercussions on the mindset of an individual or a group. Everyone in this world wants to label himself either by his or her own name or by nationality, racial or religious group he or she belongs to…
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Identity Crisis of Jews and Muslim Minority and Identity
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Download file to see previous pages Identity is actually how the world knows a person. Human beings have always strived for gaining an identity.
Importance of identity cannot be ignored as all individual and groups strive to have some sort of identity. We can look around us; everyone identifies himself or herself as a Jew or a Muslim or an American or a Black or a British or an Irish or a Scottish etc. There is always some group one belongs to and that serves as one’s identity. Lack of identity can leave people and sometimes nation perplexed. Identity can have significant influence on actions and attitudes of a person as well. Belonging to a social group may force a person to act or think like a typical member of the group.
In this paper an attempt will be made to better understand identity through two articles. The first article talks about Identity of Jews and how Israel is striving to get an identity. The group involved is Jews and the issue is the identity crisis. Possible problems that this identity crisis can cause will be discussed. The second article talks about Muslims and how they are trying to get a religious identity in the western countries. Muslims are also trying to protect their identity in the wake of terrorism blame that they face today. The media portrayal of different groups in articles will also come under scrutiny. Identity Crisis of Jews Israel became a separate state in 1947 and it is one of the few ideological states in the world. The article contends that Jews are still today fighting for their identity and wants the world to recognize them as a separate entity. The article explains how people of Israel try to identify with the persecution they experienced. Israelis also try to explain their identity through their religion. The article talks about the decision of the courts that Jewish free Schools should give admissions on religious basis not on racial terms. This has started the debate of identity of Jews; whether they should identify themselves as a race or a religious group. The article also talks about Israel and how the country is going through an identity crisis. Jews living in Britain are also suffering through an identity crisis. There are many possible identities of Israelis like an ethnic group, a cultural group or a religious group but there is a problem as the country is not able to identify itself as a one entity (Vallely, P. 2009). This identity problem can have serious repercussions and it may be a reason why Israel uses violent means against Palestinian population who do not recognize Israel. We will have to understand the issue keeping in mind the genocide that Jews experienced. Since then they are searching for a separate identity. A person is known to associate him or her with a group when he or she in under threat (Dietz-Uhler & Murrell, 1998). This explains the behavior of Jews as they want an identity so that they can feel safe. The persecution that they have experienced is playing a major role in making them conscious about their own identity. This identity crisis can explain the violent attacks of Israel on Palestinian population as it can be an attempt to protect Israel’s identity. Nations that are marginalized or are under threat experience a surge in nationalistic fervor (Downs & Saunders, 1998). This is how individual protects themselves when they are threatened. It is the only way of survival for people when they are under threat by other groups. Israel was also once ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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