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Bradford Riots - Dissertation Example

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This dissertation reveals that Bradford riots are studied in detail and analyzed the possible causes and effects in future with particular reference to the relationship that exists between the rioting youth and the Bradford police…
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Bradford Riots
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Extract of sample "Bradford Riots"

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Bradford riots are studied in detail and analysed for the possible causes and effects in future with particular reference to the relationship that exists between the rioting youth and the Bradford police as during any kind of riots, the police are responsible for handling the situation objectively and enforcing law and order to retain peace in the area. Bradford has witnessed violence and riots of different magnitudes for over half a century due to the increasing segregation based on ethnicity. Different parts of England witnessed racial riots of various magnitudes since 1950's when the minority African Caribbean's and the majority native Whites were involved (Bagguley, Hussain, 2003:1).

Over time, the focus shifted to other ethnic communities as well and as their population increased, more and more ethnic groups are targeted with racial discrimination and more are getting involved in violence. Immigrants in a country when get a place hold and are comfortably settled or struggle for a livelihood, locals are apt to find it hard to digest the fact that their settlement or share of the facilities or government's interests would be divided among the various people in the country, whether natives or immigrants. However, there is always resistance to change and it is apt for the locals to fight the change due to fear, oppression, insecurity, etc. However, any resistance has to be fair without being scurrilous, of genuine concerns of a community or group of people, legally relevant and peaceful. But...
From this report, it is clear that Islamic fundamentalism is a challenge for the English government, particularly the law enforcement agencies of Bradford. Bradford is vulnerable to social and ethnic chaos, and some remedial measures are essential to dilute the tense situation. The English government needs to evolve short-term and long-term policies to curtail any misadventure by the Muslim youth. The government along with the police department of Bradford should reduce the potential terrorist threats, and improve security services. The government has to focus on the reasons which are leading to the germination of more repulsive Muslim youth, rather than condoning the entire Bradford vicinity. It has been observed that the United States is home to more than double the Asian Muslim immigrants settled in the United Kingdom; however United States is more peaceful in terms of communal riots. The success of the United States government lies in its treatment to the immigrants.
Hence it can be concluded that the Affirmative Action legislation undertaken by the American government has provided relief to the minorities. The American government is committed to the welfare of its citizens, inclusive of immigrants, and have offered them equal playing field professionally, socially, religiously, culturally, politically and economically. The Muslims professionals in the United Kingdom are unable to excel, as the government has taken a negative approach towards their constructive role and contribution. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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