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Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation - Coursework Example

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The "Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation" paper attempts to analyze the concept of multiculturalism from varied vantage points. The paper discusses the term multiculturalism from the perspective of Malik and Parekh and evaluates the premise of whether multiculturalism promotes segregation…
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Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation
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Extract of sample "Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation"

Download file to see previous pages The second part will evaluate the premise of whether multiculturalism promotes segregation, and if so, why? The third part of the essay will look at the concept of multiculturalism in the context of Britain and France. The paper will try to rationally access the fact as to whether the UK is a truly multicultural society and does multiculturalism has some measure of positive relevance for British society. With respect to France, the paper will look into why the French give no consideration to the concept of multiculturalism and as to why they cherish and encourage citizenship over multiculturalism.

As already said, the term multiculturalism has acquired ubiquitous usage in current times; still, the reality is that this term needs to be interpreted in relation to the context in which it is used. The most commonly held belief is that multiculturalism is about the celebration of diverse cultures and about accepting the varied values, social systems, and ethnic backgrounds coexisting in society. To put it simply, multiculturalism is primarily about respecting and accepting differences so as to facilitate social and cultural integration. Well, is this multiculturalism is all about or is it a convenient term to sideline the segregation heaped on varied sections of society. Most of the time, people and even experts shudder at the very idea dissecting the term multiculturalism probably fearing that it may give way to some kind of undesirable backlash. Thus, nobody ever dared to arrive at a realistic and viable definition of multiculturalism. However, there are some debates building up around the ideas of multiculturalism and diversity, the possible fall of multiculturalism, because of it being a pseudo system that promotes segregation, though on the surface it professes to respect cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity. It is an attempt to understand multiculturalism as a cacophonous discourse that camouflages the invisibility and isolation existing in multicultural societies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation Coursework - 1, n.d.)
Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation Coursework - 1.
(Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation Coursework - 1)
Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation Coursework - 1.
“Multiculturalism Promotes Social Segregation Coursework - 1”.
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To have a multicultural state, the nation must be a multi-ethnic; the cultures should be open, self-critical, and interactive in their relations with other each other (Interviews by Cindi John, 2004). It means welcomming, living, sharing and caring for and with culturally diverse people. This diversity comes from people who migrate from their respective nations in search for better conditions than those available back home. Most often the reason cited for this immigration is for a look out of a prospective job, however reasons such as looking for a safe and secure environment can also be seen. The immigration of muslim communities to muslim nations is one such example.
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.... Therefore, evolving a system where various kinds of people live together in harmony becomes essential. The very concept of multiculturalism was brought in by the evolution of such a social system in the USA. The Cultural Influence A general concept can be framed that the association of many cultural models in civilized communities give birth to a commonly accepted new one in the absence of specific dominance by any of them. In many events, collective immigration to a particular province of the country can also force a situation in which a new culture is forced upon the existing community. The paper named ‘American Identity, Citizenship and Multiculturalism’ which was presented by Diana Owen, the associate professor of political science...
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... arguments. Additionally, these provide valid information, which is also reliable and can be used for reference purposes. In total, seven journal articles will be utilized. These are published in various journals, and focus on the issue of multiculturalism. Using these sources will help to support the argument that has been advanced in the proposal. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Bryson, B. (2002). Working definitions: Educational organization and the meaning of multiculturalism. The International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 22(1-3), 175-207. Retrieved from This article presents study findings on the emerging definitions of multiculturalism. In order to explore the existing...
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.... Government campaign towards equal rights and privileges for the citizens despite their background has been critical to the increased unity. There are several advantages that multiculturalism accrues to the society as has been the case with Canada. In terms of food, Canadian supermarkets, grocery stores, markets, delicatessens, cafes, restaurants and take-away stores offer an enormous variety of foods from around the world. These foods have not only been incorporated into the mainstream Canadian diet but they have equally become the basis for much of Canadians social life. This has significantly promoted commercial food supply which has great economic sense and multicultural appreciation. Considering the art and architectural evolution...
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... up with a working model for the same. The research should also come up with recommendations and the relationship between multiculturalism and other social aspects that are evident in any given society. The leading question will be on ways to address multiculturalism. Paper Format Section 1: Reason for Choosing this Topic, Lines 5-6. Section 2: Key Information from the sources, Lines 7-13. Section 3: Possible Thesis for the final paper, Last Line. Section 4: Information to look for, Lines 5-13. Cited Works Bafford, Doug. Multiculturalism is no Enemy of Democracy, The Sun, June 7, 2013. Available at. multiculturalism-ehrlich-letter-20130607_1_multiculturalism-native-culture- democracy...
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