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Comparison of Racism between UK and USA - Case Study Example

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This work called "Comparison of Racism between UK and USA" focuses on the problem of racial discrimination beginning with the UK and then the US by comparing how the issue has been manifested and the groups, which have been discriminated against. The author outlines some achievements, legislation, the role of politics…
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Comparison of Racism between UK and USA
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Racism between UK and USA"

Download file to see previous pages Racism in the UK can be traced back to the colonial era of the Empire and to date, the issue remains worrisome (Freeman, 2005). However, even though the problem might not be the most tangible thorny issue causing division in the UK today compared to cultural and religious issues, it remains a significant challenge in the country. The relationship between the indigenous Britons and non-white immigrant minority groups has, in the recent past resulted in racist murders that re perpetrated by extremist groups of all races and race riots. For instance, some of the notable incidences of racial discrimination in the UK started to inform riots, which rocked the country throughout the 20th century causing ‘bogeymen’ and fear that were characterized by negative attitudes, violence, and resentment during the late 1980s (Tijk and Yeboah, n.d.).
Since the late 20th century, the police force in the UK has been blamed for institutionalized racial discrimination. For instance, during the riots in London 2011 a Metropolitan law enforcement officer by the name, PC Alex MacFarlane tried to strangle a male African after arresting him while throwing racial insults at him such as black cunt and nigger. That notwithstanding, the defendant filed a suit against the police officer and the case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Officer of the UK who declined to bring charges against the law enforcement officer but reconsidered after the defendant’s attorney threatened to take the case to the high court (Newburn, Lewis and Metcalf, 2011). Conversely, the National Black Police Association that offers only African Caribbean, African, and Asian officers full membership to the unit has been in the recent past been accused of racial discrimination because of selective recruitment based on the ethnic region in the force.
Moreover, the element of racism in the UK manifests itself in the political mainstream where parts of what used be called the far-right core messages such as the tough instances on asylum and immigration have found their way, hence, creating and strengthening negative attitudes towards the minority groups (Berg, 2013). For example, in 2011-2012 the number of crimes reported in the UK aggravated by racial discrimination averaged about 100 per day, which encompassed damage to property, persistent name-calling, violence, and harassment. For example, it is reported that during the same period, a number of individuals from minority groups working at night and alone such as cab drivers or fast food vendors were the most affected (Tijk and Yeboah, n.d.). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparison of Racism between UK and USA Case Study, n.d.)
Comparison of Racism between UK and USA Case Study.
(Comparison of Racism Between UK and USA Case Study)
Comparison of Racism Between UK and USA Case Study.
“Comparison of Racism Between UK and USA Case Study”.
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