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Explain how maximum performance might beast be extracted from a small engine - Essay Example

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Explain how maximum performance might best be extracted from a small engine. Engines that produces less than 25 horsepower output are termed as small engines, and we can find them in regular appliances used in houses or gardens. Examples include lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners…
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Explain how maximum performance might beast be extracted from a small engine

Download file to see previous pages... Initially, two stroke engines were used to power toy cars, but now they are being used in lawn-mowers, motorcycles, and power saws. Two stroke engines are also undergoing modern innovations which are meant to convert them into better, modified engines. This paper reflects on strategies to optimize small engines’ performance. The first thing that one has to consider is that there should be no engine deposits present in the engine. Engine deposits may be there even if the engine is in its best mechanical condition. Carbon deposits may be present in the combustion chamber or in the valves of the cylinder (Totten, Westbrook & Shah 2003: 470). The fuel injectors may also be rusty. Carbon deposits and rust are the culprits that make the small engines perform less than they can when they are in new condition (see fig.1). Hence, tuning must be done, which requires much training, patience, and energy on the part of the owner (Pickerill 2009: 499). One can be sure whether or not proper tuning has been done by hearing the sound of the engine. If it is like new engine, that means tuning is proper, leading to maximized performance. Maximized performance is guaranteed when synthetic lubricants are used. Synthetic lubricants are known as saving engines because they are good friction reducers, and they “improve engine performance, durability, and prolong draining periods”, state Stachowiak and Batchelor (2011: 60). ...
“Conventional engine oil begins to break down at 260 degrees F. Synthetic keeps going at 300+ degrees F. Truth is, if your engine's oil temperature is 260 to 300 degrees F, you have greater problems than which oil to choose”, writes Smart (2013, par. 4). So, synthetic lubricants are recommended to extract optimized performance from small engines. Moreover, one should make sure that there is enough compression in the engine to perform at its best, writes Senatore (1999: 51). Increased compression means more horsepower. Obviously, one cannot increase compression at home. The engine provider can best suggest how to increase compression and maintain cam selection. A specific compression ratio must be maintained (see fig.2). It is actually the comparison of the volume of the cylinder with the space left when the piston is at the top of stroke. Although the engine performs better at a high compression ratio (Buzelli 2006: 41); yet, the compression ratio should not go beyond 10.0:1, otherwise it is likely to result in detonation or pre-ignition, which results from low octane in the engine. It is also called pinging. Fuel and spark curves must also be kept into consideration while maximizing compression. It is also important to keep a check on the throttle body of the engine, since a strong, high-performance throttle body guarantees optimized performance (Kojima 2002: 25). Much more horsepower and comparable torque can be gained through a large throttle body of the engine (Evans 2004: 44). However, that needs a check. Too large a throttle body makes the engine loose power. “Throttle bodies that are much too big for an engine lose their authority way below full throttle, because once the engine is fully loaded, it simply cannot use more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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