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Racial Discrimination between Whites and Blacks in the USA - Essay Example

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In the paper “Racial Discrimination between Whites and Blacks in the USA” the author tries to understand the causes behind the prejudice and hatred prevailing against the outer racial groups. The studies reveal the very fact that although no society could be viewed as free from racial discrimination…
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Racial Discrimination between Whites and Blacks in the USA
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Extract of sample "Racial Discrimination between Whites and Blacks in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages Theories have been articulated and researches have been conducted in order to discover the causes behind the prejudice and hatred prevailing against the outer racial groups (Ritzer 2003). In addition, several books have been written and literature has been produced in order to protest against the racial discrimination and apartheid from societies. The studies reveal the very fact that although no society could be viewed as free from racial discrimination, yet the same evidently exists in the multicultural regions of the world, particularly the USA, UK, and the Middle East (Macionis 2007), with its extreme awkwardness, high intensity, and condemnable severity. Nevertheless, other nations could not be declared as exempt from the same, as the Nazi Germany expressed the same bitter prejudice and abhorrence against the Jews, while the Jews themselves appear to be vehemently racist community, as they not only view them as the beloved nation of the Creator, but also would not allow any outsider to enter their community as its member at any cost due to the very fact that the Jews claim to be the descendant of the patriarchs, the noblest and holiest personalities ever existed on the face of the earth (Diamont 2005). Thus, racism is a universal phenomenon, which has captured the entire globe into its awkward clutches and producing rifts, differences, and conflicts in contemporary societies at large. However, it exists in the United States in its full swing due to the very reality that the USA serves as one of the most diversified countries of the world containing the people belonging to all prominent racial groups and communities in it. The present paper focuses on the conflicts and clashes existing between the white and black communities, the two major racial groups of the country. II. Literature Review: A. Shelton et al. (2004) have conducted their study under the title “Ironic Effects of Racial Bias during Interracial Interactions” by paying special concentration on the diversified US population, where they appear to be elucidating the long-lasting impacts of ethnic-racial prejudice adopted by the individuals belonging to different racial backgrounds while entering into interaction with one another. The researchers, on the basis of their study, submit to state that the more prejudiced individuals look least biased while interacting with the members of other races in order to conceal the level of their bias. Consequently, the other races take more prejudiced as less biased and vice versa (397). It is particularly the case with the black people, an overwhelming majority of which exercise indifference towards racial differences for creating a friendly and an amicable environment in multicultural gatherings (398). Since there prevails a strong and powerful multicultural system in the USA, the Americans observe impartiality and neutrality in the speech and debates contests, sports competitions and other multiracial events and festivals, where the individuals belonging to different races, religions, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientation are participating as contesters (399).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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