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Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher - Essay Example

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The essay "Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher" will focus on the life of Fisher and how the theories apply to his childhood, youth, and adulthood…
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Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher
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Extract of sample "Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher"

Download file to see previous pages He was born in prison and spent his whole childhood in foster homes. The first foster home was not too traumatic for Fisher as he was very young. The first theory that one can identify Fisher with is the systems theory as he moves from one system to another throughout his childhood. He goes from the prison system where he was born. His mother was in prison because she had killed Fisher’s dad out of jealousy. Fisher then goes to live with an orphanage. Fisher stayed in the orphanage until the release of his mum. The mum does not claim him thus he goes to another foster home and eventually in a disciplinary school. The people in the second foster home had more power than Fisher thus abused their power over him. He was physically and sexually abused for fourteen years by Mrs. Tate (Washington, 2002). The boy went through many traumatic events before he could go to the discipline school. Development theory also applies to the childhood of Fisher (Forte, 2006). He goes through different phases while in various homes and different environments. The principles apply directly to the life and times of Fisher’s childhood. They explain how he went through many traumas and he came out of the experiences successful. After growing up in a dangerous environment, he was able to join the United States Navy.
Fisher’s character gets into shape from the experiences he went through as a child. The traumatic experiences have an adverse effect of making a person feel not wanted by society. There is traumatic stress that is a result of being abused while growing up. The Tate’s did not do any good for Fisher’s health. The conflict theory has a limitation in focusing on the macro environment of Fisher as a homeless kid (Schriver, 2015). It does not emphasize the struggles and the needs he had and was denied by the more powerful Tate family (Washington, 2002). The conditions of the foster home led to Fisher searching for his family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher Essay.
(Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher Essay)
Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher Essay.
“Application of HBSE to the Life of Antwone Fisher Essay”.
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