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This essay analyses the adaption to changes actively searching for ways to improve myself. The writer of this essay is an active individual since and he believes that the best way to be a productive part of society is to become an active part of society…
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Searching for Ways to Improve Life
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Searching for Ways to Improve Life
I have a tendency to relish the thrill of a good challenge. This allows me to engage every challenge with sincere commitment and dedication. I may not have any exceptional achievements to my credit, but I know that my approach to life will bring me the success that I am searching for.
I choose to adapt to changes my actively searching for ways to improve myself. This transfer is part of my pursuit to improve myself further. I am far from perfect since I still mistakes; but I choose to root them out as soon as I realize them.
I am an active individual since and I believe that the best way to be a productive part of society is to become an active part of society. This world needs people who are willing to step forth, look beyond their own desires and think of the larger good. I choose to do all I can to be such a person. This is also the reason because of which I am highly interested in learning about human behavior. I believe that understanding how the human mind functions and how emotions affect decisions will help me to take better control of myself and this will enable me to serve society better.
I have always taken a keen approach towards observing life and I have learnt that an individual cannot function to the best of his capacity unless he learns about the possibilities that are open to her. This transfer will allow me to project my active approach to life through a new frame of reference.
I have always chosen to make the most of every opportunity that has come my way. My upbringing has taught me that my commitment to myself is a reflection to the commitment to the society in which I live. As a result I choose to ensure that every decision I make has a rationale that will benefit me the in long run as well as in the short run. In the same regard, I believe that this transfer will enable me to come closer to my objective of reaching a position from where I can be of service to my society.
I tend to search for ways through which I can challenge myself and I find pleasure in knowing that every challenge I subject myself to hones me and improves me. I believe that the challenging environment I will receive as a result of this transfer will enable me to go learn more than I ever have before. Needless to highlight, nothing helps develop a spirited individual than a competitive environment. While most people consider it important to find avenues in life with minimum challenge, I believe that there is always room for the best at the top; and I strive to become the best I can be. This gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I did my part and that my commitment to positive change was unwavering.
This transfer will enable me to find that competitive environment that my mind has become accustomed to. Nothing drives me like the thought of a good challenge in which I can go the extra mile and push myself to improve further. I believe that this approach to life will serve me well as I move on and continue my quest to improve every day by learning a new lesson through every challenge I come across. Read More
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