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The Impacts of Internet on Information Literacy and Library Skills - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper "The Impacts of Internet on Information Literacy and Library Skills" focuses on the fact that web sources represent a suitable application that holds immense potential in enriching the communication; enabling collaboration through the use of information research tools from web. …
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The Impacts of Internet on Information Literacy and Library Skills
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Extract of sample "The Impacts of Internet on Information Literacy and Library Skills"

Download file to see previous pages The presence of web applications has enhanced the quality of library websites and services become information seeking is now reliable from these websites. The order of popularity of web application implemented in the library is blogs, instant messaging, social networking services and wikis. The presence of web application in the library increases the level of user engagement in the library and also the quality of services. Therefore I find the use of Wikipedia and other web applications so useful in searching for the information especially to institutions like the library.

Corbin, J., & Karasmanis, S. (2010). Evidence into practice: Evaluation of an innovative information literacy model for first-year Health Sciences students. In the First Year in Higher Education Conference, Adelaide.

The faculty of Health Sciences at La Trobe University implemented a model that demonstrated a move to enquiry-based learning for all first-years across all health disciplines. A model was used to develop the health sciences common first-year information literacy program. This model also explains how the library also partnered with the health science faculty to develop an online information literacy program. This was put in place in order to support this model initiative. After evaluation of the program was made the impact of the initiative in providing foundation research skills to the first-year student was determined.

It was later found out that educating large numbers of entry-level students in a single cohort in inquiry research skills present significant challenges and it is difficult to deliver effectively. Therefore, this book presents the challenge of the internet to first time learners in library skills and also in acquiring literature information other than depending on the internet source. This is because it poses challenges to the instructor in delivering the content of the course.

The main aim of the authors is to provide an overview of some of the recent developments in practices and concepts which are concerned with information literacy worldwide.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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