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Journal Questionnaire about a Person - Assignment Example

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This assignment "Journal Questionnaire about a Person" outlines 20 questions about person and answers on them. This paper demonstratetes person's experience, memories and some inetreseting facts.   …
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Journal Questionnaire about a Person
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Extract of sample "Journal Questionnaire about a Person"

Download file to see previous pages The 20 jobs/careers that I would never want to have are the following: market research analyst, marketing manager, cost estimator, esthetician, financial advisor, logistician, insurance agent, construction manager, loan officer, business operations manager, maintenance and repair worker, sales manager, administrative assistant, sales representative, financial analyst, management analyst, financial manager, patrol officer, public relations officer, and real estate agent. Yes, I think that these jobs/careers did reveal something about my character or personality. I noticed that I don’t want to be involved in making a government official’s image good. I don’t want also jobs which are thoroughly analyzing the flow of money. Lastly, I think that I don’t want to engage myself in jobs that requires pleasing people such as in being a real estate representative.
Seeing my mother happy early in the morning is the most beautiful thing that I have seen today; whereas, miseries in the eyes of random aging individuals are the ugliest thing I have seen. For me, something/someone has beauty if happiness is reflected upon it or the person. Things that are beautiful are those we considered free in life. Aside from happiness, the presence of contentment, peace of mind, simplicity, and a random act of kindness could definitely be beautiful. On the contrary, something/someone has an ugly side when we live our lives miserably, in distress, and full of regrets. This ugliness can also be manifested when we aren’t able to appreciate simple things because we are preoccupied with materials things, fame, power, and money.
4. Imagine a stranger sitting down to read your journal. Based on the things you've written about, the styles you've worked in, the opinions you've expressed, the tones and voices you've created, etc., what might this stranger think about you as an individual?  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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