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UAE Women leaders and Professional career development - Research Proposal Example

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The research philosophy is intended with the investigation of interpretive epistemology as the topic will depend on conducting research among people thoughts, opinions and experiences which will be shown through the questionnaires that will be distributed among a sample of UAE female employees, plus interaction with people by having an interview with a National female leader…
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UAE Women leaders and Professional career development
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Download file to see previous pages Hence; they will be having a real tool to develop themselves and they might achieve a successful career progression to reach a higher position in the existing workforce.
The Inductive approach will be used in this research which is part of the Subjectivism research approach as the investigations will depend on building theory through small sample of people perceptions regarding the situation that will be discussed to understand the reality of the study and to get their feelings about what is going on in order to identify better the nature of the problem and analysing those data. The results will give some solutions for the study along with evidences that will provide a clear picture for the target people to accomplish their goals.
The research design that is selected for the study is an exploratory research design, in order to understanding the things deeply. As explained by Zechmeister et al., (1997) survey research represents a general approach to be used when the research design is implemented. Survey research is the method of gathering data from respondents thought to be representative of some population using an instrument composed of close structure or open-ended items (questions). It is one of the most dominant forms of data collection in the social sciences providing for efficient collection of data over broad populations, amenable to self-administration, administration in person, by telephone, via mail and over the internet.
The primary data is to be collected by conducting field research that involves face to face interviews, surveys, questionnaires and focused group interviews. Primary research involves the usage of primary data for the collection of data. Primary data are that information that is collected for the first time. The primary research will be especially useful since it will provide a guideline to the most current data available on this topic from UAE National women who are about to reach either supervisory or managerial positions and also from female who are about to enter the workforce. This will help to give an idea about what challenges they face and how they feel they will compare themselves with foreigners in the workplace.
There are many advantages that have been identified in the use of the survey method. According to Babbie (2001), these advantages include:
1. One can collect a large amount of adapt in a fairly short time.
2. Surveys are easier and less expensive than other forms of data collection.
3. Questionnaire can be used to research almost any aspect of human perceptions regarding the variables under study.
4. They can be easily used on field settings.
The secondary research method will include gathering data on the subject from different newspapers, magazines, online articles, press releases, academic journals, textbooks and other library books. Combining the knowledge gained from all these sources and both research methods will provide a lot of detail about the topic that can be used to develop suitable conclusions and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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