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Social Safeguarding Children from Harm - Case Study Example

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The paper “Social Safeguarding Children from Harm” supposes recognition and evaluation of children harm as the main processes that enable children protection professional to choose the best ways through which they can safeguard children of significant harm…
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Social Safeguarding Children from Harm
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Download file to see previous pages Parmjit was married to Harpreet at a tender age of 17 years with the failed promise that she could constantly visit her parents. This has brought difficulty in their relationship that has negatively impacted their parental responsibilities. Harpreet never spends time with his children and has been constantly beating his children causing them physical harm. On the other hand, Parmjit has neglected her duties as a mother and her 9-month-old daughter is suffering from nappy rash.  The scenario further shows evidence of the likelihood of significant harm likely to be subjected to their children.
Every child matters and therefore, no child should be subjected to neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse. The Children Workforce including the parents should, therefore, work together to ensure that the children are safe but at the same time ensure that they handle their individual responsibilities and roles in safeguarding children from harm. However, the biggest challenge is devising ways, strategies or methods through which they can successfully do this (Barker, 2009). To provide a detailed overview of what the Children Workforce should do, we are going to carry out an assessment on a given scenario involving the Paramjit family (Indian) which include:  Paramjit; a 22 year old mother, Harpreet; a 32 year old father, Aman; 2 year –old son, Narinder; 9 month-old daughter, Taran; 4 year old son and Simran; 12 year old stepdaughter. 
Behavioral, physical and psychological abuse cues: under the children act, children are usually in significant harm if they are suffering or are likely to suffer. In this case, the children protection professionals were able to identify behavioral or physical patterns that clearly indicated that the children were likely to suffer from harm. Among the children,n maltreatment behavioral clues that the professionals observed included the cowering or fear of adults and display of disruptive or aggressive behavior. For instance, Aman who was playing along with his sibling in threw a tantrum in an attempt to grab the toy car from the other child. It was also noted that Taran cowered from his father, Harpreet when he was slapping Aman.  Taran quickly moved across the room and quietly stood behind his mother, a clear indication that he was afraid of his father. The professionals were also able to recognize that physical abuse resulting from slapping was eminent. This happened when Harpreet grabbed Aman roughly when he threw a tantrum and slapped him at the back of his legs. From the Scenario, it is also evident that the professionals interpreted Narinder slow-weight gain as a form of neglect from his parents. Further studies have also shown that there is no difference between delayed or impaired cognitive development and neglect in extreme low-birth weight infants. However, the child care professionals decided to solely base their action from a single scenario of physical chastisement observed by the playworker. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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