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A profession is termed as a structured personnel practice with quality control mechanism which ensure reliability of individual analyst output…
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Intelligence analysis as a profession
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Intelligence analysis as a profession Introduction A profession is termed as a structured personnel practice with quality control mechanism which ensure reliability of individual analyst output.
Many intelligence agencies take their time to prepare their agents for their tasks ahead through severe training. They test their skills on varies levels so as to ensure their agents are ready to go out there protect and defend their country. These agents go through observation, hypothesis, experimentation and conclusion processes as a means to collect the information they have collected on training, this processes are also done in other professionals such as medical training and even law, making intelligence analysis a profession.
Like this other professions, intelligence analysts use technological tools to in assisting them in going deep through cases and helps them to discover new patterns that have emerged causing a threat. But these tools might not go all the way, that where professionalism of critical thinking comes into place in order to ensure accuracy in work process and efficiency in work delivery.
Intelligence analysis as a profession has got autonomy and judgement of its certified analysts, whereby they are required to have a performance track record which is up to the required standard, show that there competence skills are well into sharp and always follow the code of conduct placed by their agency and also follow the code of ethics so as to be able to defend and protect their country well.
The intelligence agencies have an association that define the terms for the agents and certify them to see those who have met the requirements to be able to join intelligence professional practice. Read More
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