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Personality of a person can be developed only through the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge can make a person more intelligent. It can be acquired through…
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Why is it important to have a Masters Degree
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Importance of a Masters Degree “The aim of education is to cultivate personality integration and creative intelligence” (Aim of education). Personality of a person can be developed only through the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge can make a person more intelligent. It can be acquired through education. A person is going through many phases of education during his tenure as a student like pre-primary, upper primary, secondary, bachelors and masters level of education. Most of the people finish their education after the completion of Masters Degree whereas some people go for the doctoral degree courses. Bachelor Degree is basically the minimum qualification required for a profession whereas Masters Degree is essential for higher opportunities in career. This paper briefly analyses the importance of Masters Degree for one’s career development.
In industry sector, Masters Degree is essential for the career development. For example, it is difficult for a person with a Bachelor of business administration degree to excel whereas a person with a Master of Business Administration may help him to achieve higher places in his organization.
Some people use Master degree for a change of their profession. For example, a Bachelor in economics can opt for a Master in Business Administration if he/she decides to change their profession after the completion of their bachelor degree in economics. Master Degree provides the maturity in learning to the student. Most of the students up to their bachelor degree may not give much emphasize to their education. On the other hand, most of the Master Degree students avoid all other leisure activities and give more importance to their studies. In other words, most of the students become well matured during their Master Degree studies.
For a teaching profession in universities and colleges, Masters Degree is essential since majority of the college or university students are studying either the Masters Degree courses, Graduate courses or undergraduate courses. It is impossible for a Bachelor Degree holder to teach a Master Degree student.
Even for doctoral degree, it is better for a person to achieve Masters Degree first. In fact Masters Degree is the base for a Ph.D. In terms of course works, Masters Degree always provides the base of Ph.D. People often achieve Masters Degree during their early twenties during which they would be more matured compared to other stages of their student-hood.
Masters Degree often gives the choice of specialization. Up to Master Degree level, students often study subjects on a general basis. For example, a Physics graduate studies topics from physics such as Electronics, Dynamics, Optics, Quantum mechanics etc on a general basis whereas for Masters Degree they need to select a special subject like electronics, modern physics, etc. The specialized knowledge will help them to achieve specific jobs.
In short, Master degree is essential for a person for acquiring specialized knowledge in a subject. Moreover it can help a person to integrate his intelligence and personality to excel in his career. Some professions require Master Degree as minimum educational qualification where as for continuing education like doctoral degree, Master Degree is the base.
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