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Understanding Professional Competence - Essay Example

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The essay "Understanding Professional Competence" states that the author totally agrees with the way you see and interpret professional competence. He is glad that Troy did not confine the definition to the personal knowledge of an individual, but also recognized an individual’s ability…
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Understanding Professional Competence
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Extract of sample "Understanding Professional Competence"

I also approve of your point that learning is one thing, and being able to apply the knowledge thus gained to practical work situations is another thing. This may be because the factors that influence an individual’s performance at work are unlearned in formal school studies. In order for an individual, he/she not only needs to have a high level of emotional intelligence, but also some experience in the work. It is only through experience, dedication, and determination that one gets to identify the fundamental drivers of professional competence at work, and thus control them in a way to improve his/her own professional competence. I appreciate that you discussed the example of the young boy who acquired a bachelor’s degree in biology and was yet able to be more professionally competent than the son of the owner who had acquired the degree in business. This is a very strong example. Really, it is all about one’s attitude instead of one’s field. The higher education may be a driver of professional competence, but it is not the ultimate prerequisite of the same. Read More
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(Understanding Professional Competence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 318 Words - 16)
Understanding Professional Competence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 318 Words - 16.
“Understanding Professional Competence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 318 Words - 16”, n.d.
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