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Relationships and Dating in the Modern Age - Essay Example

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In the paper “Relationships and Dating in the Modern Age” the author explains the significant role of technology as a mediator in fostering relationships. He portrays a positive attitude towards the use of online applications when it comes to fostering relationships…
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Relationships and Dating in the Modern Age
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Extract of sample "Relationships and Dating in the Modern Age"

Relationships and Dating in the Modern Age Technological innovations have impacted every aspect of the human life.Currently, people purchase food and other commodities online and even compare prices of commodities. Furthermore, social sites such as Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized online communication making it easier to interact with friends and family anywhere in the world. With the advent of new applications coupled with the ever increasing technological gadgets, people can now find spouses and interact with them regardless of geographical or time barrier. In an article by Jenna Wortham, the author explains the significant role of technology as a mediator in fostering relationships.
In the article, Jenna Wortham portrays a positive attitude towards the use of online applications when it comes to fostering relationships. This attitude is evident when she describes a Sunday in which she was able to spend time with her boyfriend via an app (Wortham 393). One of the benefits of social apps such as Facebook Messenger or Snapchat is that they enable couples to interact regardless of distance. The author can interact with her partner, friends, family and co-workers of the course of the day (Wortham 394). The barriers to communication such as geographical or time are significantly eradicated through the continuous and constant communication facilitated by technology. The second key benefit is that social sites facilitate networking as individuals can conduct both formal and informal interactions via online. The author observes that casual conversations have become easy and fun through the use of features such as digital doodle or virtual kisses (Wortham 394).
Technology has a negative impact on relationships. In spite of the author’s positive attitude towards the use of technology to foster relationships, Wortham does not fail to point out its disadvantages. First, with the vast array of applications to use, consumers face the challenge of choosing the ideal form to communicate (Wortham 394). The second challenge is that the use of technology as a mediator affects how people prioritize offline communication and our ability to interact (Wortham 395). Some researchers argue that people have become dependent on applications instead of the real-world face to face communications. Resultantly, people forget the exhilarating experience of face-to-face interactions that cannot be compared to the use of technology.
Wortham begins her article with a short narrative dubbed “A lazy afternoon” with her boyfriend. This writing technique is an effective way to begin an essay as it grabs the reader’s attention. Readers are curious to find out what the article is about including the author’s attitude towards the topic. Furthermore, through the short narrative, readers gain insight concerning the topic including the author’s stand on the same. For example, in the short narrative, the author states how she managed to spend time with her boyfriend regardless of the fact that they were 3,000 miles apart (Wortham 393). This information enables readers to gain insight on the benefit of online apps as they eliminate the issue of distance in relationships.
Wortham’s article is important as it enables us to comprehend the impact of technology in communication. Currently, there is a plethora of applications allowing people to interact with friends, family and find partners. The article provides insight on how societal interactions have been transformed through the use of technology as a mediator in communication. Arguably, the lack of a personal connection that is characteristic of technology can be seen as the causal factor in a number of family issues, for example, lack of a strong relationship between parents and their children.
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Wortham Jenna. “I had a Nice Time with you”. On the App. 393-397: n.d. Print. Read More
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