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Girls Entering Adolescence Today Have Greater Pressures and Difficulties than Young Women in Previous Generations - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses that the current young girls face a lot more pressure and difficulties as they transit from childhood to adulthood than did the women who grew up in the past. The problems revolved around identity, sexuality, relationships, and friendship…
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Girls Entering Adolescence Today Have Greater Pressures and Difficulties than Young Women in Previous Generations
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Extract of sample "Girls Entering Adolescence Today Have Greater Pressures and Difficulties than Young Women in Previous Generations"

Download file to see previous pages Adolescent girls today face a lot of confusion on dating and relationships, which was not experienced by young women in earlier generations. The older women today when they were growing up not allowed involving themselves in any sexual activity as it was taboo in most of the communities for girls to associate with boys at that tender age. This was advantageous to the girls since they eased away from the confusion about dating and pre-marital sex, which is now the biggest source of frustration for the teenagers. The teen girls disclosed that after their bodies have changed and have started to mature, they do experience the desire for affection toward men. As a result, most of them engage in premature relationships where they end up being hurt since they usually lead to break-ups. Others end up being pregnant and they find a lot of frustration about the state of their bodies, which they never expected. Since at this age they do not have adequate education on sexuality and are not prepared psychologically, physically and financially to have a baby, they end up being depressed. The consequences of this are abortions and babies being born and thrown away or even sold to people with bad motives. All these problems of relationships and sexuality make it difficult for young girls to maneuver smoothly through this stage of adolescence. Some of the immature adolescence have ended up in the hands of the wrong people. Such wrong people have done evil things to them, like cold murder, robbing and even raping them. Such cases have been reported in many instances, people like criminals have taken advantages for them luring them with cheap gifts and ends up doing to them all those evils. In the past, young women tended to move from childhood to adulthood directly, and marriage, done at an early age, this acted as the turning point. After marriage, the woman adopted all adult responsibilities and would start her household immediately.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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