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Equality of Women and Men According to Locke - Essay Example

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The current paper "Equality of Women and Men According to Locke" is primarily purposed to examine the purpose of as well as the tension that Locke presents with his approach of avoiding the discussion of political equality of women in the civil society…
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Equality of Women and Men According to Locke
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Extract of sample "Equality of Women and Men According to Locke"

Download file to see previous pages As a political philosopher as well as a social psychologist, John Locke remained an outspoken and vehement supporter of equal rights in a society that is governed. He attributed these rights to include right to life, liberty as well as property. Locke’s belief on the legitimacy of government argued that such powers of the government rested on the citizens and it ought to result from the basis of equality. His support for equality is evidenced through his support of religious beliefs and religion where his philosophical basis of his idea is based on the availability of equality in the state of nature. Once man leave the state of nature to form governments, the role of state of nature remains with men. As such, Locke argues that in mankind races as well as families throughout the whole world, every person is equal to each other with neither one individual allowed to be on top of the other. As such Locke describes the equality in the state of nature as based on the concept of reciprocal with every person having equal power to the other. According to Locke, all creatures of the same species possess equal advantages of nature and as such, none of the creatures from the same species ought to posses more rights than the other. Therefore, assured equality serves as the basis behind man’s agreement to enter a society. Throughout this discussion, it is apparent that Locke creates tension to the audience through avoiding the topic of women in politics. . Locke keeps on referring to men in the formation of the state of nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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