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Men of color - Research Paper Example

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Men of Color + Code Date Men of color In the face of globalization, human beings are living in a bicultural and biracial community; therefore, prejudices and stereotypes is a reality that cannot be ignored. Notably, a good number of bicultural and biracial individuals struggle to define their real identity…
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Men of color
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Download file to see previous pages Women and men engage with partners of different race for diverse reasons. Following the traditional belief, men of color engage women outside their race in order to escape their culture, values or themselves. This perspective contrasts the popular cultural belief that men of color are guided by love when they marry outside their race. In traditional society, the first perspective which focuses on escaping values, cultures or themselves prevails over the popular culture belief. This perspective contrasts the popular culture belief that stresses men of color are guided by love when they marry outside their race. To transition on one perspective, this essay will heavily borrow from David Mura’s essay and also intermarriages between blacks and whites. The essay critically reflects on both traditional belief and popular cultural belief in order to establish the force behind biracial and bicultural marriages. Reflecting from David Mura’s essay; “Reflections on My Daughter”, the author points out the complexities that emanates from being biracial. He recounts the many humiliating instances that he and his child Samantha faces in a society that fails to embrace multiculturalism. Mura, who is a third generation Japanese American, had a Caucasian wife. According to his essay, the author finds delight when recounting his real life experiences that sheds light to many readers some of whom chooses to guard their predicament due to its sensitivity. Further, the author reflects on how he continues to understand himself and his place in the community overtime. At some point he recalls how as a young man he went out in bars looking for sexual trysts in order to lure white women. According to the Jen Gish, it is easier for Japanese Americans to climb to an honorary white status and reap the benefits not accessible to colored people. ii Regrettably, black men were reportedly lynched for sex, rape or to the worst merely starring at white women. Mura denies violence as the force behind black man’s sexuality. Interestingly, white men could not give their black counterparts an opportunity to marry the whites as they intended to dominate their women. As noted, black women were raped by whites and such inhuman cases went unreported and the community could speak about it. In any event where a black happened to marry a white, the whites demanded that their women should be treated as equals, their opinions to be taken into account and more importantly to respect their rights. This was attributed to a wide belief that black men intention was to use white women to pursue their secret ambitions of accessing wide range of possibilities and opportunities that the society could not have been allowed on their own. As highlighted by the traditional perspective, many black men saw marriage to white women as a run away from the inferior societal position that judged them according to color rather than their skills and abilities. This argument contradicts the popular belief where individuals could become what they desire to be in the face of vast opportunities and where relationships are anchored on feelings. According to Brooke Kroeger, a relationship between Asian and Americans is viewed as completely differently. iii People fail to see any sexual clout and in fact wonder how people think when people of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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