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This research will begin with the statement that something humanistic about the renaissance period was to “a movement to revive classical literature and the values expressed in classical writing.” During the Middle Ages, people were religious beings and so much concentration about otherworld…
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Culture in the period of Renaissance
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, Florentine Francesco Petrarch says that “neither exhortations to virtue nor the argument of approaching death should deliver us from literature; for in a good mind it neither excites the love of virtue, and dissipates, nor at least diminishes, the fear of death”. He criticized the rewarding of studies as he viewed this as a mere need to fulfill one’s self-confidence instead of gaining wisdom through learning. Studies can help even the weak mind in the society. Learning and studying should be given equal chances and not be left to the ones that are thought to be powerful and elite. He gives an example of Cato, he says that Cato struggled with literature; he started with Latin literature when he was young and later Greek literature when he became old. The attitude towards literature or studies changed in the Renaissance period, Petrarch is even devout fully says in the letter to Boccaccio that even the world does not accuse Paul that his head will be turned by studies. During the period of Renaissance, the great cultural figures were men. Before the time of renaissance came women had no place in the society. The attitude of women changed during this time and some women epitomized the strength of a woman. It during this time that some women were able to produce works, achieve recognition, and defend women against male detractors. Cultural production was enhanced on the part educating the girl child. There was a very negative attitude of men towards women that educating women would corrupt their morals. She says that some men don’t base their arguments on reason, and for that matter they are wrong. Men opposing the ideology of educating a woman are viewed as the not very clever men avoiding competition from women. The attitude of women empowerment that was achieved during the renaissance time has changed the perception of educating women, though there is still some resistance even today from some men. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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