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'If the intellectual history of the West since the about tradition and its dissolution, then the audience for which scholars write or tell that history...likewise should be told what that tradition is.Jaroslav Pe - Essay Example

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There are different types of music, which exists for different occasions. The aim of this work is to research the development of Western Music during the Renaissance period and analyze its influence on the…
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If the intellectual history of the West since the about tradition and its dissolution, then the audience for which scholars write or tell that history...likewise should be told what that tradition is.Jaroslav Pe
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"'If the intellectual history of the West since the about tradition and its dissolution, then the audience for which scholars write or tell that history...likewise should be told what that tradition is.Jaroslav Pe"

Download file to see previous pages It is a well-known fact that meditation cleanses the system from its negative energies and vibrations. Music is a powerful assistant of meditation. In many meditation workshops, music is used to make people more aware of their moods and feelings. Many people believe that any type of music has positive influence on the person, regardless of its content, as it affects them in different ways. History of music went through the different stages of its development. Donald Jay Grout wrote: “The history of music is primarily the history of musical style, and cannot be grasped except by first-hand knowledge of the music itself” (1937). The Renaissance period is a turning point in the history of European cultures. In Italy, this stream appeared in the XIII-XIV centuries, in other European countries - in the XV-XVI centuries. The representatives of this period proclaimed the person as the highest value and worshiped his welfare and the right for free development of personality. The stream was called "humanism”. Humanists saw the image of ideal person in antiquity, as well as in the ancient Greek and Roman arts. These cultures served as models for the artistic creativity. The name of the era - the Renaissance reflected the desire of people to "revive" the ancient culture. The worldview of the Renaissance reflects art (including music) in its fullest meaning. Vocal church music took the leading place among different musical flows of that period. The further development led to the emergence of “polyphony”. This type of music required several voices, which sounded simultaneously. Polyphony did not make the work more complicated, but it allowed the author to express personal understanding of the text, and made the composition more emotional. Polyphonic music was produced according to the strict and complex rules, which required deep knowledge and virtuosity from the composer. Polyphony predetermined the development of different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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('If the Intellectual History of the West since the Renaissance...Is Essay)
'If the Intellectual History of the West since the Renaissance...Is Essay.
“'If the Intellectual History of the West since the Renaissance...Is Essay”, n.d.
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