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Hence, the cabinet-makers used walnut, chestnut, and other forms of wood and abandoned the use of coarser oak to a great extent.
Cabinets featured designs of palaces and…
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Compare and Contrast of Renaissance Furniture
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Renaissance Furniture Introduction The table below will assess the similarities and differences of the Italian and Dutch renaissance furniture.
The renaissance furniture in Italy was influenced by the Roman and Greek antiques. It was developed by the wealthy people who had an interest in Arts.
The renaissance furniture in Netherlands was influenced by Italian furniture and was developed by Dutch artists using these Italian models.
The Italian renaissance furniture had a palatial character and it carved the spirit of the Art revival. Hence, the cabinet-makers used walnut, chestnut, and other forms of wood and abandoned the use of coarser oak to a great extent.
The Dutch renaissance furniture had a domestic character and it was exclusively made of oak. Oak was the only wood used till a long period of time, and then later ebony and other rare woods were used.
The Italian furniture carvings were more inspired by methodological, historical, and allegorical subjects.
The Dutch furniture was inspired by the Dutch culture including cathedrals, community buildings, and other common Dutch motifs.
Cabinets featured designs of palaces and chairs had increased in number. The chairs were not rectangular and carved anymore; they were now smaller and more comfortable with wooden seats and cushions on them.
Cabinets, wardrobes, and chairs were massive and heavy weighted. They were heavy and thick carved by hand expressing typical Dutch architecture and design. The chairs had turned legs which were also carved by hand. Drawer fronts and doors were also carved delicately.
Marriage chests were common and were carved or painted.
Marriage chests were common in Dutch furniture as well and they had flowers and figures painted on them.
Rich ornamentation and carving.
Rich ornamentation and carving.
Tables and dressers were large.
The Dutch interior consisted of large rooms and ceilings which is why the furniture was also heavy and large.
Tables and chairs were made of wood instead of marble.
Tables, chairs, and most of the furniture were made of wood.
Formed their exclusive designs apart from Gothic style by the 15th century.
Formed their exclusive style named Flemish Renaissance apart from the Italian style by the 17th century.
This comparison gives us the idea that renaissance furniture was at first influenced by the Roman and Greek designs, and sooner they were adopted by the Italian craftsmen. The Italian renaissance furniture influenced many other styles as well as the Art revival period led to the enhancement of a different and unique style. The Italian renaissance furniture further inspired the Dutch furniture. Overall, the renaissance period had different periods in which different styles of furniture were present. All of the furniture pieces were carved and painted using themes of culture and history. The antiques were greatly inspired by historic and cultural symbols such as palaces, buildings, figures, flowers, and other significant figures. The renaissance furniture shows the transformation from Gothic designs, to historical and methodological, to cultural. Early furniture pieces were made and designed for the wealthy and royals while later it was seen that more domestic and original designs were made. With great changes in the renaissance era seen in education, arts, and literature, there was also significant change seen in the furniture characteristics.
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