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Roe v.Wade in the famous suit paved the way for subsequent discussions on the issue of abortion. The Supreme Court has in the past made decisions inclined to give the woman the right to end a pregnancy through…
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YourFirst YourLast 30 June Policy Debate: Abortion and the Right to Privacy Many debates have erupted on the issues concerning abortion. Roe v.Wade in the famous suit paved the way for subsequent discussions on the issue of abortion. The Supreme Court has in the past made decisions inclined to give the woman the right to end a pregnancy through abortion, but subject to getting approval from the courts. Lawmakers, on the other hand, have had divergent views on the issues of abortion, arguing that the right to privacy cannot give consent to a murderous act (abortion) (Ginsberg et al. 346).
The right to have an abortion is a sensitive issue because it touches on the fundamental rights to privacy and the governments mandate to protect the unborn child. However, the issue is complicated by the fact that some events such as rape, incest or on medical grounds may happen, and that may deem it necessary to procure an abortion. Therefore, there is no legislation, superior enough to cover sufficiently the issue of abortion comprehensively. It is therefore wise to leave the issues of abortion to be presided over by courts at the federal level, on a case-by-case basis, whereby individuals are given the opportunity to argue their case before a judge or jury to arrive at an amicable solution.
Different states have different systems of governance, sometimes influenced by religious beliefs and affiliations (Huggins 39). For instance, Republican states are more conservative and inclined towards Catholicism, whereas Democratic states are more liberal, to some extent consenting to gay marriages and other contemporary religious practices. As such, state courts are subject to state laws, which tend to be influenced by religious beliefs. Therefore, it is best left to federal courts, and not state courts for that reason.
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