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The first part deals with the idea of representation in congress by Edmund Burke. Edmund was of the idea that a representative in a congress should represent the interest of his constituents though he should also use his reason and judgment…
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Article Assignments
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Download file to see previous pages The Roe v Wade accused some courts of violating the right to privacy because they were violating this right; a woman had the right to terminate a pregnancy if she wanted according to Roe v Wade. The role of the judiciary when it comes to policy making will also be looked at, as well as the pros and cons.
Edmund Burke was an Irish statesman and also a political philosopher. He is greatly remembered for his speech on the idea of representation in Congress. Edmund criticized the British Parliament as being inhabited by a congress of ambassadors from different and hostile interests. He urged that electors were supposed not to vote by numbers, but to vote accordingly. Edmund held that a representative owed his supporter or his constituents’ unbiased opinion, his mature judgment and should have an enlightened judgment. He held that a representative was supposed to work to educate his constituents on matters regarding public policy, and was against individualism.
The wishes of the constituents ought to have great weight on their representatives; however, the representative should also not work to the pleasures of his constituents, because he is going to be answerable to that. Rather, he or she should use reason and judgment. He continues to argue that the parliament should deliberate assembly of one nation, with one interest; that of a whole nation, but should never serve local purposes or prejudices, but the general fold.
To his supporters, he told them that when they choose a member to represent them, he was not to be a member to represent them only, but rather to represent the whole nation. He told them that their representatives were required to act towards the betterment of the whole nation, and not their pleasure. Edmund burke told his supporters that they should remember that they are members of a rich commercial city, which is part of a rich commercial nation which itself part of a great empire. He argued that the diverse interests ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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