The subject is INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS : UN Simulation . Focus on GERMANY ONLY - Essay Example

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Behavior change and career development towards enhancing individuals levels of international relations and diplomacy, have emerged the most efficient desired mechanisms in international relations. One of the most admired and praised convention and meeting in the world is the…
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The subject is INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS : UN Simulation . Focus on GERMANY ONLY
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International Relations: UN Simulations Introduction Behavior change and career development towards enhancing individuals levels of international relations and diplomacy, have emerged the most efficient desired mechanisms in international relations. One of the most admired and praised convention and meeting in the world is the United Nation’s (UN) convention where different dignitaries ranging from the head of nations, delegations meet. Other respected and high profile members of the UN Security Council meet at different nations, like the former conducted in New York, to discuss the various global issues such as the changing world climate, globalization, terrorism, economy and trade among others. Majority of the nations in the world, have emulated this dignitary mode of presentation in conducting formal meetings and arrangements in their home country. In this political science paper, I am going to discuss the UN simulation as evident in Germany.
UN Simulation in Germany
In Germany they have come up with what is referred as a Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. It refers to a simulated session of the all the processes that take place whenever there is a convention or meeting of the United Nations, in one of the World’s nation it conducts meetings. I this particular simulated sessions, the Germans organizer themselves and the different individuals play the roles of the various Delegates that get seen during the mega UN meetings. They come up with bodies that directly simulate the UN bodies such as the Security Council, the General Assembly and the international agendas debated by delegates among others (Zook and Haydel, n.d.).
They come up with international issues that are debatable at the delegate’s level; they conduct a number of debates on them, agree on some compromise solutions, agree on these solutions and finally pass them. Each of the members participating represent a particular nation he or she has conducted a number of researches prior to the delegation conference. The given nation by which an individual represents, it is that particular country that he or she has developed interest on. These delegates are not representing their personal opinion, but instead they represented the opinion of the given nations they are standing in. They do this by conducting as well as giving realistic arguments on the allocated nation’s official views and take on the tabled matter.
The conference gets comprised of purely formal debates and modes of formal arguments. They get held under specific rules that govern or rather directs the procedures used which are exhibit clear similarities to those rules found in the United Nation summit as well as the United Nation charter. They give room to a number of lobbying activities between the delegates and informal discussions between their partners and aids whom they get accompanied with, for the prime purpose of reaching at well and accurate draft resolutions (Bohret and Wordelmann, 1974).
Through these delegation conferences, the members who get involved gets the opportunity of practicing as well as developing and improving in public speaking and get the knowledge of merging various opinions. Those who have attended a number of the same conferences before, report that they gain a lot of insight into global politics as well as the other official duties and roles conducted by the United Nations.
In Germany, these conferences get held in a number of languages among the various age groups. They get held between the high school students themselves or even the university students annually, though most of them get conducted in English or Germany. This has made Germany to develop many delegations to which they send to the global Model United Nation Conferences. Each of these conferences are different though they exhibit similar common goals and objectives. These objectives may include making the participant to have an overview and understanding of the United Nation operations, and developing a number of interests in comprehending the different global cultures.

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