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Fresh nails - Essay Example

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First I would like to thank Mr. [Your Supervisors name], my supervisor for providing me the opportunity to work under his excellent management to learn and perform my duty. He helped me all the way and answer's all my questions, even the most elementary questions, with great pleasure and understanding.
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Fresh nails
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Extract of sample "Fresh nails"

Download file to see previous pages Germany, during September 2005- October 2005. The purpose of this internship was to experience work, and reflect on and analyze the management structure. This was intended at gaining the ability to integrate and work in teams and to develop interpersonal skills.
My job at Fresh Nails Holding was related to product design and development, implementing marketing strategies, improving the corporate website and supporting business expansion. This program was a great learning experience for me. I gained first hand experience of manual work, and learned to comply with organizational rules and regulations. Also, I had an understanding of the requirements of work discipline.
Holdings, I shall give an account of the jobs within the company as well as my job, and the company's market performance. The report is an analysis of the company structure and job deployment in relation to my job, and my job performance. It will also deal with the behavioural patterns and an understanding of the aspirations of the labour force.
Eager "Sex and the town center" - spectators do not pass "Fresh nails" in Cologne, without looking once by the large disks in the business. The three screens are too enticing, on which Fashion TV runs all day (
Fresh nails was founded by two brothers Heinrich and Cornelius Becker, one 24 years and the other 27 years old in 2004. Their first studio was the Nagel Studio. The brothers discovered a market gap and to fit well into the chain trend, which fulfill the Germany's textile sector with Zara, Mango and H&M. They supply the suitable nails to fashionable dresses. Their Studios are capable of handling the demands of textile giants.
Fresh nails claims that:
"The atmosphere is modern and freshly, the mechanism standardized, the prices are not high. A manicure does not cost any more than 18 euro."(Fresh Nails Marketing Plan)
They have high-flying plans, dream about a Fresh nails chain and are on the best way to install it. They are planning to open another store some where in the middle of 2006, their fourth address in a side street of the K in Duesseldorf.
Heinrich and Cornelius discovered that this so called US trend of nail care has a strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fresh Nails Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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