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This discussion “Most Significant Problem in American Politics” explicates the healthcare problem as a political issue and possible solutions. A methodical investigation conducted by Gallup aimed at establishing the most significant political issues in American politics…
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Most Significant Problem in American Politics
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Most significant problem in American politics In the context politics, it is worth noting that the U.S. has beenfaced by a number of problems that have indeed affected the economy. In general, politicians base their campaigns on specific problematic areas of the economy such as healthcare, unemployment, immigration and education. On the basis of Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt assertions that in excess of 40 million individuals in the U.S. lack health insurance (472), healthcare can be considered the most significant political issue today. This discussion explicates the healthcare problem as a political issue and possible solutions.
A methodical investigation conducted by Gallup aimed at establishing most significant political issues in American politics ranked dissatisfaction with the government as the major problem (Chappell). This dissatisfaction according to Chappell was attributed to "Concerns over the new federal health care system" (para. 8). In fact, results from this methodical investigation showed that 24 percent of Republicans believed that healthcare is the most significant problem affecting Americans today. There is an array of reasons why a huge percentage of Americans have no access to healthcare insurance. As postulated by Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt, inability to access healthcare insurance is exacerbated by high healthcare insurance premiums, unemployment, and preexisting medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes (472). Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt also assert that the existing healthcare problems are projected to worsen in future.
To combat this problem, a possible solution by the Federal government is formulation of healthcare policies geared towards universal healthcare. In retrospect, politicians have not been in support of universal healthcare in the past. To illustrate hoe a universal healthcare strategy could work, San Fransisco can be used as a n example. According to Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt, San Francisco initiated a universal healthcare strategy aimed at ensuring both insured and uninsured individuals have access to healthcare (472). In this policy, employers were obligated to pay a monthly fee for each of their employees and the remaining healthcare fees to accommodate the uninsured paid by the State government (Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt 472). In this light, it is important to note that such a policy would ultimately translate to the rich paying more taxes. In essence, it also means that some individuals will be opposed to such a policy. To counter this argument, Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt argues that such a policy should be based on morality (472). Using San Francisco as an example, Mayor Gavin Newsom posited that universal healthcare is a moral obligation and thus overshadows the fact that some individuals would oppose it. If such a policy could be replicated in all other States in the US, then healthcare problems would be mitigated.
In conclusion, studies conducted in the past have rated inaccessibility to efficient and quality healthcare as the most significant problem in U.S. politics today owing to the high number of uninsured Americans. There has also been projection that healthcare problems will deteriorate in future is improvement strategies are not formulated and implemented. A possible solution is implementation of a universal healthcare policy whereby employers are compelled to pay a specific fee for each of their employees healthcare coverage. In addition, the remainder to cover healthcare fees for the uninsured be contributed by the Federal government.
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