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Mexican-American War (i would prefer either domestic or personal level of analysis ) - Essay Example

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The war resulted in Mexico losing to America. The incident revealed several beliefs of the American nation of self-justification and prowess. 1846 military invasion of Mexico by the United…
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Mexican-American War (i would prefer either domestic or personal level of analysis )
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Download file to see previous pages As such, the move undermined the Mexican population. The master plan focused on the region occupied by the freehold and yeoman farmers. The eventual impact ignited a political hiccup associated to slavery and inhuman practices. Although other levels of analysis can be applied, I believe that the Mexican American war is best explained through a domestic level of analysis.
In the year 1898, a conflict between Spain and the United States of America ignited an armed battle between the two countries. Americans managed to gain access into the Latin America, as well as the Western Pacific, by the end of the war. The events resulted in a great territorial expansion from the American authority. The military involvement in the war signified a historical event. As such, America’s image portrayed a self-centered institution operating on self-interest. Additionally, the events attracted the world’s attention as the media documented the details of the entire war. America advanced about 525,000 square miles into the Mexican territory. The incident led to the signing of a treaty agreement that marked the end of the war. The treaty signing redefined American from a national state to a transcontinental state. As such, both parties engaged in diplomatic settlement scheme to end the war. Other documentation of the treaty revealed the onset of colonialism. The colonialism feature paved way for a commercial assumption and resource expropriation (Lynn, 2013). The impact of colonialism in Mexico resulted in obdurate legal disputes over the vast land. These occasions prompted the advent of different theories to explain the superiority of the involved states. Significant changes defined other perceptions of the colonialism. The onset of communication advancement, development of the transport industry resulted in national pride. The Mexicans believed that the American move served a divine ordination in the vast Mexico territory. The Mexican-American war served as an indicator ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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