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It took place between the years 1846-1848 and the cause was among others the US annexation of Texas as well as the Americans desire for California…
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Discuss the Mexican-American War and its importance
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The Mexican-American war otherwise referred to as the Mexican war, can be defined as an armed conflict between the US and Mexico. It took place between the years 1846-1848 and the cause was among others the US annexation of Texas as well as the Americans desire for California and other Mexican territories (Castillo 2008 pg 21). The Americans offensively invaded Mexico in three faces; from the north past Texas from the east through port Veracruz and from the west. The Americans wore most of the battle of the war. This is recorded historically through reports that most of the operations lasted one and half years making the Americans to quickly occupying New Mexico and California (Goldensohn 2006 pg 36). The major consequences of the war were specified in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The war was highly propagated by the President James Polk to facilitate the American territorial expansion though the Whig party was highly against it. The huge amount of resources in form of money and casualties was highly criticized.
The importance of the war historically is immense as it lead to the crucial expansion of the American territory and hence progress. Can one imagine America without California, America would not have become successful economically as it largely depends on California for economic success (Goldensohn 2006 pg 36-48). Had Mexico won the battle America would not have been the superpower as we speak hence America would have been less powerful today. In fact, the acquisition of land to the west allowed America to become rich and more powerful and this is majorly attributed to the Gold Rush that took place in California (Castillo 2008 pg 98).

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