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Energy Commission Poised to Boost Building Energy Standards - Essay Example

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Political Journal Energy Commission Poised To Boost Building Energy Standards Summary The American Energy Commission is looking forward to gathering support concerning the bill on energy regulation and 2013 energy conservation rules. If implemented the energy conservation policies will enhance efficiency through reduced energy consumption and sacrificing productivity or comfort to minimize energy consumption…
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Energy Commission Poised to Boost Building Energy Standards
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"Energy Commission Poised to Boost Building Energy Standards"

Download file to see previous pages Most investors in the housing industry and manufacturers of various building materials support the new building standards. However, the implementation of the new act depends on the attitude of on the politicians. Analysis The issue of global warming has become a contentious in modern society. The connection between global warming and energy consumption is a matter of political interest. The author of this article has a fair distinction between facts and ideologies. According to the author, overdependence of modern economy on fossil fuel is the sole cause of global warming. In this case, the author does not analyze other source of green house gases that that have an equal impact on the environment. However, the author acknowledges the significance of global politics in the implementation of environmental protection laws. The issues discussed in the article are relevant to me as a resident of California. Firstly, the article identifies the responsibility that Americans have in relation to environmental and energy conservation. In addition, the author identifies the significance of politics in the implementation of environmental related laws. ...
America uses its position of been the main global oil consumer to influence global politics particularly the Middle East politics. Global warming and environmental degradation are issue of major concern to the public. This is because the public is the most affected by the resultant consequences of global warming. The future of the country and the world in relation to global warming and environmental conservation relies on the effort of every individual and not the political effort of the country. The author has a valid argument concerning the slow down in implementing environmental and energy conservation policies. This is due to current position of the country in global economy in relation to crude oil consumption. Energy consumption and its implication on the country’s economy is the main factor that determines the level of the country’s involvement on environmental conservation matter. In addition, the future of America’s global influence depends on the significance of the country on global economy. This makes oil a critical factor in America’s global influence. Did Democracy Cause the Recession That Led to the Constitution? Summary US citizens identify the country’s economy and democracy as their main source of national pride. During the great economic recession of 1780 s, all free American citizens believed that the thirteen states American legislature was responsible for providing a possible solution to the recession problem (Holton 445). However not all American citizens were conversant with the role of the assembly in relation to their control of supply of money and debt collection. At the same time, the Federalist accused the Lower House of Representatives for mismanaging taxpayer’s money. These accusations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Energy Commission Poised to Boost Building Energy Standards Essay.
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Energy be economically beneficial as well owing to the fact that it serves to create competition for other energy producers. This results in providing for a lower energy buying cost for consumers. Nuclear energy does not result in the release of greenhouse gases and thus it does not contribute to global warming as do fossil fuels. But this form of energy has its own disadvantages. The expenses required for the building of nuclear power plants are very high and therefore, it is an expensive form of energy. Nuclear energy can be used for building nuclear weapons which can prove to be very harmful for human...
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Energy Efficiency Standards established on international level. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), is proposing new solutions for energy conservation and sustainable development. One of the major efforts in this regard includes forcing the International Standards Organization to formulate a technical committee on the topic of building energy standards in 1994. As a result the ISO has developed the TOC 205 which is totally related to Building Environment Design and one standard (ISO 16813:2006) has already been published which gives the General Principles of the Indoor Environment in...
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Energy security and energy securitization the management of energy sources within a country are minimized (Sovacool 2011, p.78). It is clear that the efforts to promote energy security are not standardized in countries worldwide. There are countries that consider energy security as a need justifying the development of severe conflicts; other countries seek for energy security urged by the expansion of globalization, which can threatens energy security in each state (Kay 2004). The establishment of international standards and principles in the management of energy security worldwide could lead to the limitation of military and political...
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...mechanism, energy regulation lays down the basis for the energy consumption in the building sector, and hence, should allow for a clear quantification of its implications both at national and at consumer level. Energy Certification Energy certification is mainly a market mechanism whose main objective is to promote higher energy performance standards than the regulated ones. To reach this objective, energy certification must provide a clear and detailed information about the building's energy performance (energy labelling), allowing for the straight...
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...Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy As the world is beginning to realize the problems of global warming due to pollutions and also the problem of fossil fuel shortages, there has been a growing attention and developing trend for alternative, renewable and more ecologically safer forms of energy source production. The use of wind power is one of the handful alternative options for an alternative energy production. This energy is produced when turbines change the kinetic power of winds into electrical currents. Then a gearbox turns the slow rotor into faster moving gears, which transfer mechanical forces to electricity. Jacobson (2008) even stated that “some...
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...adopt to the sustainable energy options or it can subsidize the prices of the small-scale energy distribution approaches that they can afford. The institutions should also invest in technologies that reduce reliance on the fossil fuels or even the dirty coal. Institutions can do this y retrofitting building to make them sustainable in a way that it reduces its demand for energy. They should invest in renewable energy as it is becoming economically viable since it offers increase employment opportunities and it is cost effective. In addition, investments in renewable energy by institutions are vital since inaction will be high as...
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Energy I conserve energy in the following ways: 1. I use energy saver bulbs at home instead of tube lights for most of the time. 2. I put off electrical appliances, like computer, television, and microwave, instead of putting them on standby mode. If I lower down the thermostat by two degrees in winters, and make it go up by two degrees in summers, I will be able to save nearly 2,000 lbs of carbon emissions. Not only that, I will also be able to give a boost to my savings up to around $100 a year. 3. I have purchased such a car that gives more mileage on less gas. Conclusion Energy, in all its forms, is a blessing. It all depends on how we use it...
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