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Azerbaijan's Role in European Unions Energy Security - Literature review Example

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The review “Azerbaijan’s role in the European Union’s Energy Security” concerns one of the basic challenges of the EU looking for alternatives to support its energy sector. Azerbaijan as one of the world’s top oil producers is the main alternative for the EU to help it become energy secure…
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Azerbaijans Role in European Unions Energy Security
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Extract of sample "Azerbaijan's Role in European Unions Energy Security"

Download file to see previous pages Being one of the largest oil-producing countries in the world, Azerbaijan has played an important role in the production of oil that is exported to various parts of Europe both for commercial use and for storage for future use. It is for this reason that a total of 15 articles were selected based on their content in relation to the role played by Azerbaijan in securing the EU energy security and the time that they were written. These articles are reviewed to see if there is any role played by Azerbaijan in securing the EU’s energy. The articles were chosen using their date of publication, for an article to be reviewed here; it had to have been written in 2011 to 2012 the current year. The other criteria for choosing an article are based on its content. All articles chosen here had to relate to the main question of the paper which is to find out if Azerbaijan can succeed in securing the energy of the EU.
For the security of the EU’s energy sector, enough infrastructures to mine the oil as well as transport the oil to the EU countries are necessary. For this reason, this literature review took a look at some of the articles that described the existing infrastructure that can enable the security of energy in the EU. There are numerous studies discussing the importance of the existing pipelines. The EU has financed a lot of projects to mine oil in Azerbaijan. Several pipelines have also been erected to enable the transportation of oil to the EU (). Some of the pipelines are as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC – crude oil) and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum (BTE – natural gas). The construction of these pipelines, as well as the management of their activities, the maintenance and repair activities and the security providing activities, has acted as a source of stability in political, economic and social sector’s of the involved countries and as a result both of these pipelines is truly a major project that deserves to be applauded by the whole world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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